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  1. Apr 2015
    1. Should we allow teachers to carry concealed weapons like hand guns? Why or why not?

      Teachers shouldn't carry weapons because there are already emergency procedures in place. For example, when there is fire in the school, teachers will hastily get their students out of the building. Additionally, emergency procedures are practiced. For instance, there will be a fire drill once in a while, where teachers and students treat it as a real fire in the school.

    2. Should Teachers Carry Weapons?

      Teachers shouldn't carry weapons because it makes the learning environment for students intimidating. Instead of focusing on their school work, they will worry about the possibility of an emergency-which defeats the purpose of a school.

    1. The NewsHour’s April Brown introduces one student who tackled all of that to become high school valedictorian and a freshman at one of the nation’s top universities.

      The fact that a kid with so many obstacles in his way can reach success is really inspirational. Many kids in this world are facing challenges such as finding enough shelter and nourishment. However, by knowing that it is possible to become a triumphant by demolishing the obstacles in one's way, it gives hope to the kids that are putting hard work into reaching success.

    2. What is the Value of a High School Diploma?

      A high school diploma means a lot. It symbolizes a destination of success. It is the reward of the perseverance and hard work you put into education and how much you care for your future. A high school diploma represents a point in your journey that shines the most. It makes you very content.