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  1. May 2015
    1. It is shown in the image that fish have been transferred to a tank because of the drought's effects. Based off of that, this drought must be very detrimental to wildlife and nature. I wonder, however, how this drought even started. It seems a bit unclear to me as to how it begun, but it is clear about how much damage it has done to the state of California. If the drought continues, it will affect the entire nation--not only because of the devastation, but also because of economical problems. Is America ready to deal with such an issue?

  2. Apr 2015
    1. The water level has significantly dropped, as seen in the picture. Has this been a detrimental affect on California's population? If this drought continues, how will California manage to "stay alive" in both economy and in population? After viewing these pictures, it is clear that the drought is paying a large toll on the state and its citizens and wildlife.