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  1. Apr 2015
    1. As the flowers start to bloom and it begins to look a little greener outside, many teachers are feeling the weight of winter stress lifting off of them. But the opposite is happening to high school seniors across the country who are in the midst of making a tough decision: where, and if, they should go to college.

      These lines really drew my attention. It's true, and completely relatable. As summer nears, most students and teachers would probably start feeling less stressed. However, high school seniors are facing one of the biggest and toughest decisions of their lives. Education is really a hard choice, and a "simple" decision of college can easily change a person's life.

    2. A bachelor’s degree is not a piece of paper that says “You’re a success!” just as the lack of one doesn’t say “You’re a failure!”

      This is a really important statement. Many people view a bachelor's degree as a sign that they're a success in life, and without it, it shows that they're a failure. However, it really isn't. If you think about it, a bachelor's degree is just a piece of paper, and one can succeed without that piece of paper.