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  1. Sep 2016
    1. Like Twitter tweets, each microcontent item can sketch out thoughts or impressions of surroundings

      I feel that Twitter and Facebook align more so with my mental vision of "storytelling", specifically for this feature that I annotated above. These sites have the ability to portray thoughts, impression of surroundings, along with an elaboration on peoples personal experiences. Facebook and Twitter most defiantly changed the way people communicate with each other.

    2. T h e p e r s o n a l a s p e c t o f b l o g s h a s p e r s i s t e d o v e r t h e p a s t d e c a d e , s i m u l t a -neously complemented by other interpretations: group blogs, community blogs, intranet blogs for corporate knowledge management, newspaper blogs, and so on.

      I think this statement displays the broad range of different benefits that can be seen in blogging. As the first sentence of my annotation states, over the past decade blogging has exploded and evolved into and internet empire. Blogs can be used at communal and international levels. No longer are they just used for personal intimacy, but to portray updated information in chronological order to others about pretty much any anything. The best thing about it is that its all in one place. From news, to business information, to education, all the materials you need to comprehend a site are just a view away.

    1. 6. Teach what you know.

      This is another favorite of mine. How would we know anything at all if it wasn't taught to us by someone first? It's a wonderful way to broaden our own minds and the minds of others. This creativity point was especially useful when I was a freshmen in college. I had to be taught the tools of the trade in order to be a good student and basically to survive. I now use all points of information everyone gave me, and pass it on to incoming freshmen.

    2. The way to be able to take a punch is to practice getting hit a lot. Put out a lot of work. Let people take their best shot at it. Then make even more work and keep putting it out there. The more criticism you take, the more you realize it can’t hurt you.

      I really, really love this philosophy. The reason why this one stood apart from the others is because the first sentence in my annotation can apply to any life situation that you need/ need not to improve on (school, sports, work, relationships). I stand by the belief that a critic is the most important character in life, because in most cases their criticism gives birth to "the seeds we didn't know the soil held" ( a different way of thinking beyond our own imagination) . Although it may take many "hits" to sprout the seeds, the more exposure to criticism you have, the quicker an idea is born.