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  1. Jun 2018
    1. Wecanusethetotalnumberofresponsesemittedinextinction,orthenumberrequiredtoreachsomearbitraryextinctioncriterionsuchasthefirstfive-minuteorten-minuteintervalinwhichnore-spondingoccurs.

      Keller and Schoenfeld (1950) presented extinction as something that is emitted or reached in a time interval either 5 or 10 minutes in which a response is not observed. Yang (2003) used this same notion in order to diminish self inflicted injuries brought on by scratching various surfaces of the body. Restraints were removed, during the extinction the physical blocking and verbal instructions stopped. In this study the extinction was successful and the scratching subsided without any major incidents. When working with children that have mild to severe disabilities, these behaviors can range in severity. As a trained professional when is it appropriate to intervene or subside extinction treatment if the behaviors continue? How many trials are enough? What restraints if any are appropriate? How do we keep it from getting out of hand and triggering a melt down or severe episode?


    1. . To access services, predefined criteria from one of these examples must adversely affect a student’s academic performance to a “disabling” degree. These disability labels do a disservice to students in a number of ways.

      Hey yall, My name is Abigail Palacios. I am pursuing an MA degree with a concentration in Special Education. Currently, I am a speech therapist working with children in a school and home health setting. My kiddos at work range in their disabilities from moderate to severe, so I am excited to gain knowledge that will aide in my treatment practices. I look forward to working with all of you and wish everyone luck with this course.