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  1. Jan 2023
    1. Hall, opposite the chamber where stands the hearth. In this room they entertain the winners in the Olympic games.

      Description of layout.

    2. The Leonidaeum

      Used at lodging. Also description of location.

    3. In the building is an altar to all the gods in common. Now return back again to the Altis opposite the Leonidaeum.

      description of the layout

    4. The altar of Olympic Zeus is about equally distant from the Pelopium and the sanctuary of Hera, but it is in front of both.

      Another description of the layout.

    5. The temple is in the Doric style, and the outside has columns all around it.

      Description of Zeus' temple.

    6. a law was passed that for the future trainers should strip before entering the arena.

      to keep women out

    7. As you go from Scillus along the road to Olympia, before you cross the Alpheius,there is a mountain with high, precipitous cliffs. It is called Mount Typaeum. It is a law of Elis to cast down it any women who are caught present at the Olympic games, or even on the other side of the Alpheius, on the days prohibited to women.

      Describes the start of the journey as well as the rules around women and the games.