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  1. Apr 2015
    1. One man, Khalid, said that gunmen cam

      gunmen have been taking people from their house and kidnapping them , some of them never return home some of them return but dead .

    2. Mosul is largely

      ISIS have put a lot of car bombs an trap to the Islamic state , to kill and eliminate people in from he Islamic state , the recorded them and puts the up in the internet so the whole world can see what they are doing .

    3. The group has made t

      the group Isis has been taking a lot of cities in Iraq , but at the same time the Syrian state have been bombarding their owns cities killing civilians in every part of the country .

    4. The Islamic State has used similar

      some of the militant fighters are taking over cities over this year ,and when something happen the police work is the minimal over the cities, They castigated and murdered mes if they see them taking a shower in the rivers because women can see them

    5. Electricity has been cut off

      Things in the Islamic state aren't going really well , they don't even have electricity or even have good water , food is to expensive and the taxes are going way up .