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  1. May 2017
    1. - Augustine Okolo, SP '75 Set

      NO CTA, no action

    2. Anywhere you are in the globe, you are welcome to connect with us.

      No CTA or action. Vague description.

    3. rebranding PBGS Ewohimi.

      CRO: Link each section to a CTA so user can take action. Heuristic: 'Consistency & Standards' - Headline to match same hierarchy and logical order.

    4. Connect with your peers

      Recommend expanding upon the 'benefits' of the features provided.

    5. Good Afternoon!   We are Alumni of Pilgrim Baptist Grammar School, Ewohimi

      'Match between system and the real world' - Description should contain more information that should appear in natural and logical order.

    6. Join Today

      Prioritize goals & call-to-actions. CTAs competing against each other.

    7. We connect, inspire and Impact Alumni members of Pilgrim Baptist Grammar School, Ewohimi.

      'Match between system and the real world' - Recommend including main headline followed by a description that introduces USP / mission statement.