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  1. Mar 2016
    1. THE HILLS ACROSS THE VALLEY OF THE Ebro were long and white. On this side there was no shade and no trees

      If the Hills symbolise the kid, the pregnant tummy or the elephant in the room, then the shadeless landscape infront of them could be a symbolic illustration of a conflictless way of life, avoid of hindrance.

    2. On this side there was no shade and no trees

      Could be a symbolic illustration of the girl becoming "barren" post abortion, just like the land is barren.

    1. “You can interfere with this one,” he looked at the cook. “He likes it.”

      "You can interfere with this one," said the man and turned his eyes towards the cook. "He likes it," he said, obviously indicating that the cook was sexually disoriented.

    2. bright

      Bright can be a synonym for something emitting light.

    3. true, true, true,

      it is, it is, it is a repeated word, and she does, she does, she does say it many many many times.

    4. free-lunch

      Free food is best food = the light of food

    5. He was the greatest, finest, whitest, most beautiful man that ever lived

      Steve is repeatedly portrayed as the whore's light, the only man she ever loved. Also, him being so white, he would probably reflect the light from the sun, which would cause him to be sort of a beacon (hehehehe)

  2. Feb 2016
    1. happy

      Everybody is happy, all the time, no matter what, which would indicate that none of them are really happy.. ever.

    2. Elliot had taken to drinking white wine

      Either in connotation with his own drinking-habits or as a subtle indication of "decay".

    3. lived apart in his own room

      They have now stopped trying to make a baby.

    4. In a short time the friends began to drift back to Paris. Touraine had not turned out the way it looked when it started. Soon all the friends had gone off with a rich young and unmarried poet to a seaside resort near Trouville. There they were all very happy.

      They're now left alone, and no longer have any diversions from their marriage, except his poetry and her girlfriend.