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  1. Nov 2019
    1. But sure enough, after spending a couple months with him… he soon became my lead closer, collecting on average $4,228 every single time he touched a phone.

      This needs to either be cut or rephrased --- promise/claim issue

    1. 3 BIG LEVERS that grew our business from 2 clients per month  to 13 clients per month... in less than 30 days

      Massive promise here

    2. Secrets to our 70% close rate:

      Insinuating a promise of 70% close rate

    3. Our business catapulted from 2 clients per moth to 13 clients per month...in less than 30 days.

      Insinuating a promise of 13 clients per month

    4. Here’s how two struggling consultants FINALLY “released the breaks”, and grew their business from 2 clients per month to 13 clients per month ...In less than 30 days

      This sub-head is not compliant. It suggests that if the person follows these instructions then they too will get 13 clients per month