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    1. It is for them that I would give the last drop of my blood; it is for them that I would spend, nay, am spending, everything belonging to me.

      this quote just yeah

    2. Presbyterian

      christian thing

    3. have no right to disclose any secrets given in trust to me.

      evidence for both protest against annexation and her respect of her people and their safety

    4. I told them that if the mass of the native people chose to rise, and try to throw off the yoke, I would say nothing against it, but I could not approve of mere rioting.

      reminds me of her comment describing hawaiisn as not tending to riot (after queen emma lost)

    5. scarcely sustain their families.

      pro republic hawaiians found their prosperity short lived

    6. a terrible strain,

      US papers claimed she was ill near death, seems more like she's under stress and abuse

  4. Apr 2022
    1. t grossly insulting things of President Cleveland

      pro annexation does not mean pro US prez in fact here its quite the opposite

    2. and these representative bodies of my own nation prayed me to undertake certain measures for the general good of Hawaii.

      even after dethroned she still worked for the good of her people

    3. my judgment should dictate for the good of the Hawaiians, to whom the Creator gave those beautiful islands in the Pacific

      ironically her religion is tied to her firm judging against "white hawaiians"

    4. I refer to the children of the soil

      her definition of Hawaii

    5. Mr. Wilson

      is mr wilson a wrongun 🤨

    6. Perhaps it was because I had gone hand in hand with them in all good works that they thought I would cast in my lot with them now for evil

      quote this

    7. It was under these circumstances that I prepared to visit Mr. Willis in accordance with his request.

      she was at the threat of violence

    8. until he became imbued with Dr. Hyde's own prejudices against the native people of the Hawaiian Islands and against their queen.

      bias against hawaii

    9. it will be noticed that the constitution forced upon my brother at that date made the sovereign inferior to the cabinet.


    10. They became fiercely jealous of every measure which promised to benefit the native people, or to stimulate their national pride.


    11. a lone woman,


    12. d. And yet, all this time, by Mr. Willis's own words, I was recognized by the United States as the constitutional sovereign of the Hawaiian Islands.


    13. It was true that I was always an active member of all the associated plans for carrying on missionary works, and was never appealed to in vain by the missionaries to give money or sympathy to all that was to be done in the name of Christianity.

      she's a christian but not a bloody colonizer sympathizer

    14. Perhaps they imagined at this time that I would be a willing tool to carry out all of their projects.

      caucasity pt 1

    15. if I would accept the throne in case my brother should be dethroned

      idea of dethronment was already being passed around

    16. Mr. A. F. Judd

      ok so he's pretty clearly a main enemy

    17. oyalty of those who professed to be my friends

      she was betrayed by people she thought she could trust

    18. The election of 1892

      ok so there was an election

    19. The British government has long since adopted license instead of prohibition, and the statute proposed among the final acts of my government was drawn from one in use in the British colonies; yet I have still to learn that there has been any proposition on the part of the pious people of London to dethrone Her Majesty Queen Victoria for issuing such licenses.

      double standard

    20. I am simply explaining what this bill intended, because, by the reports sent to their correspondents in the United States, the missionary party represented me as a grand vender of lottery tickets, by which I was to become rich and powerful; whereas the scheme, be it good or bad, would not have been to my individual profit, but to that of my native people.

      how she was misrepresented

    21. The prosperity brought by the reciprocity treaty and the sugar plantations had disappointed our expectations.


    22. the missionary party have had the impudence to announce to the world that I was unworthy longer to rule, because on my sole will and wish I had proposed to overthrow "the constitution."


    23. Yet this is exactly what the quasi Americans, who call themselves Hawaiians now and Americans when it suits them, claimed the right to do at Honolulu.


    24. two-thirds of my people declared their dissatisfaction with the old one

      her initiate reflects public majority opinion

    25. THE three "intolerable" measures

      the case against her

    26. It should, however, be only necessary to remember that the measures which brought about our accession of wealth were not at all in line with a policy of annexation to the United States, which was the very essence of the dominant "missionary" idea.

      her brother's rule was a golden age but it's problematic to credit the missionaries

    27. hat I was the constitutional ruler of the Hawaiian Islands

      about the investigation

    28. Even had there been a disturbance, no one but the government could have authorized the employment of alien troops.

      contradiction of common belief around US minister Pierce

    29. as an act which would put in peril the independence of our nation.

      legislation note

    30. There was a very strong feeling of friendship between the king and the late General U. S. Grant. It amounted almost to recognized fraternity.

      example of a /pos relationship

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    1. Since these were white people invading, they decided to impose their bigoted beliefs on everyone in sight.

      sips tea

      So accurate

    1. Immoral in USA

      Can we stop acting as if the US is so much more "civilized" than other places? We do all of these with little remorse from the conservative portion of our country, except for the killing of newborns just for their gender (though we do kill newborns by way of our god awful 'health care' and wealth inequities.

    1. repetition of yes all leads up to the final yes to marriage. the lack of punctuation also makes the whole thing read as if it's being said very quickly, as if a lot of thoughts are happening all at once.

    1. the poet uses both "sissy" and "butch", are they gay or are they just surrounded by gay people????

    2. "first time" oo so he's important

    3. "I thought..." why is this past tense? this is just fact

    4. "keep your hands... etc" What does that mean?! 😶

    5. the repeated "I remember" signifies the introduction of a new idea/thought. Also sets up a good rhythm. Similar to an "I am from" poem

    1. you

      I love the build up

    2. vaster

      very large or wide

    3. master

      the duality of master and disaster

    4. losing

      the repetition of the many forms of the verb "to lose" highlights the theme of loss throughout the poem without the poet having to explicitly tell the reader what it is about

    1. We 

      The repetition of the word "we" (as well as the placement in the poem) create a rhythm that stands out. Especially since the lines are very short, the words that are repeated stands out even more.