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  1. Sep 2020
    1. Since these were white people invading, they decided to impose their bigoted beliefs on everyone in sight.

      sips tea

      So accurate

    1. Immoral in USA

      Can we stop acting as if the US is so much more "civilized" than other places? We do all of these with little remorse from the conservative portion of our country, except for the killing of newborns just for their gender (though we do kill newborns by way of our god awful 'health care' and wealth inequities.

    1. repetition of yes all leads up to the final yes to marriage. the lack of punctuation also makes the whole thing read as if it's being said very quickly, as if a lot of thoughts are happening all at once.

    1. the poet uses both "sissy" and "butch", are they gay or are they just surrounded by gay people????

    2. "first time" oo so he's important

    3. "I thought..." why is this past tense? this is just fact

    4. "keep your hands... etc" What does that mean?! 😶

    5. the repeated "I remember" signifies the introduction of a new idea/thought. Also sets up a good rhythm. Similar to an "I am from" poem

    1. you

      I love the build up

    2. vaster

      very large or wide

    3. master

      the duality of master and disaster

    4. losing

      the repetition of the many forms of the verb "to lose" highlights the theme of loss throughout the poem without the poet having to explicitly tell the reader what it is about

    1. We 

      The repetition of the word "we" (as well as the placement in the poem) create a rhythm that stands out. Especially since the lines are very short, the words that are repeated stands out even more.