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  1. Oct 2014
    1. The discovery of the Higgs Boson has been a testament to the co- herence of the Standard Model of Physics, but the way in which this boson interacts with a fundamental class of particles known as leptons has yet to be explored, due to the rarity with which the Higgs Boson decays into leptons and the event's similarity to the decay of other particles such as the Z Boson. By creating a machine learning model to accurately determine whether a Higgs Boson is decaying into tau particles (a type of lepton) within a particle accelerator, physicists will be able to explore the nature of the Higgs's interaction with lep- tons. Our model serves to contribute to the work of others involved in the Higgs Boson Machine Learning Challenge, a crowdsourced e ort to generate a satisfactory classi cation model to be used at CERN's facilities, where the Higgs Boson is studied.

      Really interesting abstract.

    1. uch like the Yagman court, Easterbrook invoked notions of defamation law, relying on Milkovich to explain that Palmisano could not hide behind a defense that his statements were opinion when they were embedded in facts.