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  1. Sep 2016
    1. a private developer constructed a six-foot-high wall—known as Eight Mile Wall—to separate an existing black neighborhood from a new white one that was to be constructed.

      The writer shows how rooted segregation is rooted in our nation that was so strong that physical walls ran through the cities in order to separate black people from white people. 1940 was a period of mass segregation before the civil rights movement really started making a huge statement.

    2. A number of localities have used physical barriers to exclude.

      Ever since the last century, physical barriers were used to exclude and segregate the populations, Restaurants that accepted multiple demographic groups often separated the building with a wall to exclude a group

    3. Homevoter Hypothesis—suggesting that homeowners are more likely than renters to vote and more likely to vote in ways that will protect their property investment—and our country’s long history of intentional discrimination and exclusion.

      The difference between homeowners and renters becomes extremely apparent when it comes to voting to protect property and their exclusion to the norms of what is around to preserve their demographic preference.

    4. Lior Jacob Strahilevitz examines “exclusionary amenities,” which are features of residential developments that are generally expensive and that only appeal to certain demographic groups.

      He explains on how certain demographic groups and communities can, at often times, influence the architecture and residential developments that appeal specifically to them

    5. These scholars use architectural concepts in an implicit acknowledgment that the actual physical architecture of asphalt and steel binds our actions.

      This gives the assumption that when it comes to physical architecture and building, the area around as well as what we build with binds the actions and choices of what is built.

    6. For example, one might think it a simple aesthetic design decision to create a park bench that is divided into three individual seats with armrests separating those seats.

      Using something that specific as a Bunch being divided by three armrests separating the seats, it produces a really clear image of what they are explaining in preparation to form their argument in the later sentences.

    7. Sabin Colloquium

      With her using The Sabin Colloquium as a reference, It boosts her Ethos by giving her a credible source on the subject she is writing about.

  2. Aug 2016
    1. Although the law has addressed the exclusionary impacts of racially restrictive covenants and zoning ordinances, most legal scholars, courts, and legislatures have given little attention to the use of these less obvious exclusionary urban design tactics.

      This addresses one of the main problems in part one of the article with the problem being how many people of the law neglect their attention to the problems of the urban designs of the time affected segregation.