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  1. Dec 2015
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    1. Fops
    2. Gad
      1. a Substituted for God, in various phrases, chiefly assertive or exclamatory (OED)
    3. wooing
      1. (WOO v.) To sue to or solicit (a woman) in love, esp. with a view to marriage; to pay court to, court.
    4. Fiddle−stick
      1. (FIDDLE-STICK noun). The bow strung with horsehair with which the fiddle is played. the devil rides on a fiddle-stick: = here's a fine commotion.(OED)
    5. obdurate
      1. trans. To make obdurate (OBDURATE adj. 1); stubbornly unapologetic; to harden in wickedness, or against moral influence; to harden the heart. (Oxford English Dictionary)