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  1. May 2018
    1. five to ten thousand rounds while we would answer them with maybe twenty-five or thirty shots.

      shows ratio of supplies available.

    2. supplies dwindled down to a trickle. Beyond our perimeter, the scene was right out of a cheap World War I movie.

      good image of the situation.

    3. we had scored another coup. So the siege had its humorous aspect, too.

      whats a coup? how did they have humor cuz of it?

    4. He earned his eagle feather anyway

      what does this mean/ represent?

    5. hey had to shoot him about twenty times before he finally lay down and gave up the ghost

      that is alot.

    6. We're responsible if you hurt yourself." I told them, "You get off my back! You're not responsible for me. The only person responsible for me is myself.

      think that this is good that their is responsibility taken for the self.

    7. All the men were overprotective, worrying about me.

      good that people cared enough to worry.

    8. Only a handful took advantage of the cease-fire and left.

      why did they not stay with the others?

    9. Too many people and too little privacy

      what does this mean? how are there to many people? more info would be helpful.

    10. Bull Durhan

      what is it? what is it used for exactly?

    11. t was a heyoka place, a place of sacred clowns who laughed while they wept.

      how does clowns relate. what is the cultural meaning of this?

    12. The biggest room in the store became the community hall. A white man's home, the only house with heat and tap water, became the hospital, and women were running it. The museum became the security office.

      how spaces where utilized.

    13. oux lere, Oklahoma boys over there, AIM guys next door

      why are these people being separated? with my understanding of AIM how are the other groups separate?

    14. A young man seemed happy with a 30-30 rifle he h~d "li~erated."

      why did he feel liberated?

    15. desecration of the grave of our slaughtered people

      the meaning behind this would be nice to give more info on for it would help to understand this event in the story

    16. siege of Wounded Knee

      we need to specify what is The Siege and what is wounded knee so that people can understand the rest of what the reading initials

    17. The Siege

      chapter title