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  1. Dec 2019
    1. These emotions should be taken seriously. Help from professionals and a support system is vital to look after oneself

    2. internal​​battle​​between​​doing​​what​​feels​​right​​for​​you​​as​​a​​person​​vs.​​what​​is​​best​​financially​​for​​your​​family.

      Being first generation graduating high school and then expected to graduate college is a big weight on many students / young adults. Your entire family is expecting something extra ordinary not only for yourself but in the name of the family

    3. mask​​come​​off​​and​​social​​anxiety​​becomeeven​​more​​of​​a​​factor​​even​​internally​​in​​their​​families.

      Social anxiety is now at its full force not only within oneself but with the families extent as well

    4. he​​constant​​alerttakes​​a​​toll

      Stress -Triggers

    5. Many​​people​​would​​rather​​avoid​​thinking​​about​​the​​possibility​​of​​deportation,​​but​​they​​know​​theyeventually​​have​​to​​make​​a​​plan​​about​​with​​to​​do​​with​​their​​finances,​​legal​​support​​and​​care​​of​​their​​children

      How do you prepare for the unknown... It also reminds me of people who prepare for their will and ultamate wishes

    6. Mejia​​feels​​the​​added​​financial​​pressure​​to​​work​​more​​toprovide​​and​​save​​for​​the​​unknown.​​

      Again always in the unknown

  2. Sep 2019
    1. Mexican immigration abruptly stopp

      I don't know why the title " A Day Withouy Meixicans" came up

    2. Americans like to boast of their past success in assimilating millions of immigrants into their society, culture, and politics.

      Americans also liked to boast about the millions of slaves they owned ,chained up and used them to work for them until the last of their days, and their children, and children's children ...

    3. The Hispanic ChallengeThe persistent inflow of Hispanic immigrants threatens to divide the United States into two peoples, two cultures, and two languages. Unlike past immigrant groups, Mexicans and other Latinos have not assimilated into mainstream U.S. culture, forming instead their own political and linguistic enclaves --from Los Angeles to Miami --and rejecting the Anglo-Protestant values that built the American dream. The United States ignores this challenge at its peril. By Samuel P. Huntington| October 28, 2009, 8:39 PM

      WHO IS SAMUEL P. HUNTINGTON ? -BORN Apring 18th 1927 making him he died in 2008 he is a New York native went to Yale and then served the military He is a a political scientist

      • also a Presdiential advisor to former presidents Lyndon Jhonson and Jimmy Carter
  3. span2204.commons.gc.cuny.edu span2204.commons.gc.cuny.edu
    1. Thus, even though these numbers turned out to be exaggerated, the authority of their source—the INS—meant that they entered public discourse as a symbol of alarm.29For example, the December 1974 cover of the American Legion Magazinedepicted the United States being overrun by “illegal aliens” (Figure 1.1). Most of the cartoon people in the image are Mexicans storming, en masse, across the U.S.-Mexico border, breaking down a sign that reads “usa border” and another one reading “keep out.” Other immigrants are landing by boats along theEast Coast, flying in and swimming from the Caribbean, parachuting acrossthe Canadian border, and all of them are converging upon, and inundat-ing, the nation’s institutions, most notably welfare, education, housing, jobs, and medical care. Such images were to become more frequent in the nation’s magazines over the next three decades, contributing to an increasingly alarmist d

      I feel that cartoons (in magazines/newspapers/etc) always tend to implicate some type of "joke" because it is illustraited in a way that should just be a slap in the writst just because it is a drawing and it is "funny"because it is a cartoon. But there has been a a lot of cartoons HYSTORICALLY publicly published that no doubt has racism stamped all over it. No difference with this cartoon there is stereotypes of Mexicans with sombreros and almost racing to these facilities. I also think of the illustraitor and what type of person is he and what his/her intensions were to be using effort and tallent on something so RACIST.

    2. The United States was the focal point of the map, and the stars and stripes of the U.S. flag covered it. To the north was Canada, with the image of a Mountie holding the Canadian flag and a French Canadian holding the Quebec flag in one hand and raising his other hand in a defiant, closed-fisted gesture to-ward the Mountie. To the south was Mexico, where a line of men emerged from the mountains and walked single file toward California. The man in front had his left foot ready to step on the red and white of California, at about San Diego. The headline read “Our Troubled Neighbors—Dangers for U.S.”


    3. DEFINE : SOWS plant seeds scattered on or in earth.

    4. The magazine story asserted that the threat was magnified because “the traditions of Mexican Americans remain undiluted, refreshed daily by an influx of illegal immigrants from the mother country” (p. 42). “Undiluted traditions” was another way of saying that Mexican Americans did not assimilate into American society and culture. They remained separate and apart—so separate and apart, in fact, that there was no mixture, no dilution. Characterizing Mexican Americans as for-eigners who remain foreign (undiluted) gave added urgency to the invasion metaphor of the article and the cover.

      It is a crime to belong to a culture so rich ? Any culture can be "undiluted" as long as theres people practicing it everyday. It's not pride thing but as everyday thing we all share and dive into because it feels natural and right. Its called INDIVIDUALITY.