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  1. Sep 2016
    1. The issue has stirred resentments over the inequities in the treatment of a majority-black city, and it has stayed near the top of Democrats’ congressional agenda for months.

      The fact that they are having problems trying to assist in the Flint crisis but have the obstacle of racism at the foot of the door is creating more conflict. The fact that Democrats have had the agenda for months speaks volumes to the issue because of how important it is to receive the treatment. Although I don't quite understand why Republicans are seemingly being criticised of something that is clearly something they don't want to address

    1. purposely manipulated samples in order to make the situation look better.

      The fact that DEQ tried to play it cool by manipulating samples clearly shows that people are being negligent and have no idea how much damage they are creating because they aren't going through it

    2. state officials were cavalier or even negligent about the risks of switching to river water

      At least ask some questions about whether or not the water is clean enough for human consumption

    1. delays inFlintoccurred due to reluctance to elevate concerns, confusion and disagreementamong authorities about how and what levels of emergency status were appropriate, and extensive application requirements.

      I feel as if they are trying to delay their efforts to help a community in which saw the problem and spoke about it. How do authorities face confusion and disagreement on trying to help a community of people who are being found ill because of the water-supply that is being provided to them?

    2. We cannot begin to explain and learn

      The acknowledgement of doing a bad thing is seen. Although the efforts to learn from these events would mean they have to explain what happened which they can't do so.

    1. Edwards speaking at a conference in 2002 warning other scientists to take seriously the threat of decaying water infrastructure

      Edwards believes that scientist should of looked at the issue before something bad happens. Edwards knew that scientists might not think that the threat of decay water infrastructure is important but he was right.