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  1. Jan 2022
    1. This website doesn't require mouse for any hover interaction, making is accessible.

    2. The information is perceivable, there is a understandle hierchy that keyboard navigator would understand.

    3. In the banner, the Flash Sale text is in a Yellow, one recommendation I would have would be to bold the coloured text to highlight it for those that are colour blind. You can still see the different but I would help.

    4. Overall the webpage is clean and uncluddered. A user can view each section in th order. Allowing for efficient keyboard navigation.

    5. The Genesis of Measurement Demystified and Its Companion Field Guide

      Keyboard naviagation is enabled. Thus allowing users to engage with website by keyboard, rather than a mouse. For those users that cannot use a websit with a computer mouse.

    6. CTDO Magazine How Much Do You Value Learning? By Paula Ketter

      ALT tags are clear and consise. Giving a great explaination of the Image.

      "Five three-dimensional stars are in a line, each rising taller than the previous."

    7. Webinar ATD Research: Bridging the Skills Gap

      Each section can be navigated to using Keyboard. This help users that cannot use a computer mouse, they can still navigate successfully.