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  1. Aug 2021
    1. If we have, we must ask ourselves: how might we better integrate attention to both reading and writing in order to enrich the literacy education we are providing? We must not assume that simply exposing students to texts of all kinds and across all media will automatically result in comprehension.

      We should improve the school system as a whole to better integrate both reading and writing to work together. Politics is so popular among social media, I come across all kinds of text on the internet. I think school should prepare us for the texts that we would approach in the real world. Would be very beneficial for future career paths such as politicians, nurses, and researchers. All involve areas of study require daily reading and research.

    2. which found that close to half of the college students in their samples did not meet mini-mum benchmarks for literacy or lacked reading proficiency.

      I agree that most high school teachers don't prepare their students for college level reading. In high school, we recycle the same texts that the school system have established since the beginning. The digital age has definitely had an effect on reading in this generation. There's an urgency when it comes to reading these texts, so we eventually find shorter versions online. We never have an understanding or analysis of the texts as thorough and we would like to.

    3. What is often neglected in these public debates about the best way to teach literacy at the college level is that reading and writing are connected practices and, as such, the best way to teach them is together.

      During elementary school, there was a huge emphasis on writing and grammar rather than reading. Towards college and high school we learn to put reading and writing together. Although there's a huge gap in middle school. I struggled with reading because there was such a huge learning gap. I wasn't taught to read over passages that I didn't understand. I was used to passive reading throughout middle school. Which made it a struggle for me to read on standardized tests like SAT.

    4. lives beyond the university and his concerns that in its emphasis on academic discourse, FYC had become a service course for other academic disciplines.

      Between college and high school english, there is a huge difference in writing and reading. Reading is more essential in writing during college. During high school, we are so focused on standardized tests. Although, my last year of high school, we put a huge emphasis on how the book "Just Mercy" related to present lives. The book was based off of real events , but we as students learned how to relate the text to cultural experiences. Which is more valuable than learning how to read passages of text.

    5. The goal informing writing instruction at all levels should be for students to develop not only the skills that will serve them in the academic realm but also the ability to ask the questions and culti-vate the behaviors that will allow them to respond effectively to the diverse composing contexts they will encounter in their future lives and careers beyond the classroom.

      Writing is essential in many career paths which is why it is so important to learn how to write. Not how to write like other people, but write like yourself.

    6. No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation resulted in widespread test-ing that became a formidable obstacle to helping students develop deep reading skills.

      I do think that the NCLB should focus on education accessible to every students. With examples like, free books and resources. The government wants to ensure their money goes somewhere, so they measure this accessibility with test scores. I think this is a huge disadvantage in the school system. Making students focus on tests more than actual reading material

    7. they devoted class time to preparing students for the tests rather than developing prac-tices that would have helped students improve as readers and writ-ers.

      This explains a lot of why we are so focused on evaluating the text rather than relating to the text. It makes english overall, very uninteresting. It takes away the creative approach to reading and writing. Focusing on these standardized tests feels draining and leaves the student unmotivated to learn. There should be more opportunity for students to draw meaningful connections between the text and the reader.