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  1. May 2021
    1. ad we had a fair election, the results would’ve been much different,” once again called the election “rigged,” and attacked the Supreme Court for not havin

      Awful. A lot of toddler.

  2. Apr 2021
    1. requency is the accumulation of the previous relative frequencies

      Best responses from the following table

    2. how frequently e

      Whoa. This entire text is what I'm studying for my STATs class. Apparently, this is worth the struggle.

    1. t has to stop. It just has to. I just felt that this is really going out of control here," he said. "A few ignorant people that insult all. Barbaric. Horrible."Wong said he ran for office to make his community better and he hopes this experience helps restore the American values of compassion, love and kindness.

      Sorry to hear that.

    2. CNN that he's dealt with abuse and discrimination in silence -- ranging from children making racist facial gestures at him to being beaten up because of his race shortly after he came to America.

      OMG. Remind me of bitches at public places. Sorry to hear that.

    3. ng, 69, says he came to America when he was 18 years old and has been a US citizen longer than many of his constituents have been alive. Wong retired from the Army after 20 years of active-duty service.

      That's important for me to do.

    1. general undercounting of hate crimes, but the broad survey captures the episodes of violence across the country that grew in number amid Mr. Trump's comments.In New York: A wave of xenophobia and viol

      F**k the education system. Shame on how many people bring up slurs. What on earth

    1. articipation was more than 10 percentage points higher than it was in the 2014 midterm elections, demonstrating Americans’ demand for change and increased enthusiasm for exercising their civic duty to vote.1 That said, nearly 120 million eligible Americans did not participate in the November elections.2

      Well. This is going to be a trip.

    1. One in eight Americans moves every year and voters often remain registered in two places. Few cancel their old registrations. The NVRA directed local elections officials to mail reminders to registered voters who had stopped voting in their jurisdictions to verify whether voters still live where they are registered and to establish who has move


    2. Pew’s ERIC system charges 21 states $25,000 a year, plus their share of annual overhead costs. Created in 2012, ERIC is managed by a nonprofit partnership comprising the stat


    3. Latinos and Asians are more likely to be falsely matched with noncitizens because those cultures have fewer surnames, demographers and election experts widely agre

      Racially disgusting

    4. s. “We don’t have to prove a racially discriminatory impact to win.”A federal judge agreed with Husted, ruling that Ohio did not violate the law because voters were purged for a variety of reasons. The case has since been appealed to the 6th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, which heard oral arguments in late July and has not yet ruled.When Hamilton County, Ohio, where Cincinnati is the county seat, removed 75,000 voters this year, nearly half, and in some neighborhoods far more, were purged because of “non

      Ohio, you are disgusting. Don't you goddam treat my fellow Americans like that

    1. s uptick in reported incidents, mirrored in national statistics, have put Asian Americans on edge, especially after the massacre in Atlanta that killed eight people, including six women of Asian descent.  As people have t

      Is renewing the hate crime laws helpful.

    1. ke to talk about the 'teachable moment,'" he says. "We can look at the current situation as a teachable moment, to enlarge our sense of community and our sense of relationship to others." S

      So, a proper teaching moment is necessary, also, law enforcement training curriculum for college students and newbies count.

    2. That's because stereotypes concerning outgroup members are stronger than those of ingroup members; people are therefore more willing to ignore individuating

      In other words, the more the merrier. This statement is insane, but reasonable.

    3. crisis, they often revert to an unfortunate human tendency: to protect their own while finding a scapegoat to blame the problem on.

      Tori DeAngelis, you are my hero. You don't don't know how many girls want to be like you.

    4. The technique tests the extent to which briefly flashed pictures of black or white faces influence the speed at which participants identify the meaning of a positive or negative adjective. The research shows that many whites automatically react more negatively to blacks

      According to Russell Fazio, White people tend to "ostracize" Black people(Understanding and Preventing Hate Crimes)

    5. uggesting a strong premeditative component to these crimes. In addition, those who commit hate crimes show a history of such actions, beginning with small

      Still, I want to know the actions that can be taken against situations like this.

    6. by an Arizona man or another person's attempt to run over a Pakistani woman in a Huntington, N.Y., parking lot. It

      Well, someone needs to educate these people

    1. upport. We must meet hate and fear with action, and we must do it together. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr., "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."We are all in this together.

      Article is good, however, where is the solution? I'm trying to understand the solutions that people come up with.

    2. physical assaults in New York and Texas

      Continuous amount of assaults.

    1. . Even if there are dozens of traditional dresses worn both by women and men, there are some items that are widel

      Great article, but I don't see the author's credentials. I think I need to improve how I'm learning several ideas from this article. My cultural project is individual and necessary to improve.

  3. Mar 2021
    1. Pakistani or Laotian Americans because the former groups

      A huge mess. Include these minorities.

    2. we randomly recruit respondents offline and give them instructions for taking our surveys online (as some other pollsters do, too) through our American Trends Pane

      Apparently randomly recruiting is an option. Do something differently please.

    3. In this theoretical survey, the margin of sampling error for Asian Americans would be at least 13 percentage points, which means the actual figure might be as low as 37% or as high as 63%. This result is simply too imprecise to report with confidence.

      I would like to recalculate this sample that these people have put up for the generic population. I think this has helped me understand what success means.

    4. It’s important for poll consumers to bear in mind that the picture they might be seeing of Asian Americans is an incomplete one

      Love this. There are credible people writing this.

    5. 35% of those interviewed in one of the seven Asian languages offered: Cantonese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Tagalog and Vietname

      That's really skeptical. I think this is controversial and important to write for my research paper.

    6. That means that a perfectly representative national survey of 1,000 adults would include 59 Asian Americans – far too few to support reliable estimates

      That's sickening. I hope the public takes a stand on this to make a change. I'm saddened to see this.

    1. t. The element is simply a placeholder that provides access to the DOM and CSSOM.

      That's great. I'll try to do the same for my replit simulation project. It'll fail, but it'll educate people. :)

    2. plemented stereoscopic DOM rendering and supported VR media queries.

      Everyone give this author a round of applause. I found my JS and HTML hero.