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  1. Apr 2017
    1. Medicaid Soaks Money Away from Other Priorities

      The basic argument here is that the Medicaid has cost too much and occupided a huge part of the federal budget. With this basic point of view, the reducing cost on Medicaid is understandable to be a good idea. It's true that the Medicaid takes a great part of the budget, however, the anaylisis should also consider the needs of the benefit.

  2. Feb 2017
    1. It's not uncommon for people to hold the idea that being "old" is related with low life quality. This thought brings people the idea that comparing with the younger generation, the old don't necessary need much care or even don't deserve using much social resource, because they are just "dying" in whatever way. Thus I think it's important to let people understand that old people can also have a life with high quality, thus it deserves us to work on that.

    2. I wonder why people tend to say they feel younger than they "actually are"? When people are in early stage of their life, they will like to be "older" than they "actually are". Is that still related with the society's negtive opinion upon being "age" or it's from people's unwilling to admit the reducing physical situation.