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  1. Apr 2019
    1. machines and online performances of drag

      Will you document the online performances or even will be asking how others are perceiving drags' performances to discuss on collective bonds?

    2. anthropocentric

      Very effective point!

      How will you demonstrate the anthropocentric notion of drags?

      -Will you refer to concrete people, use metaphors or scholarly articles in any particular ways to illustrate the relation between human and non-human?

    3. there is only one way to perform drag, and therefore gendre still encloses gender into boxes. 

      Interdisciplinary approach is very relevant to posthuman theory.

      -The idea of universal way of perceiving drags appears to me as a way to critique humanist ideal of individual and collective perfectibility.

      • The idea of multiple nationalities within drag community could be an interesting approach, as well, depending of want angle you want to tackle.
    4. nonbinary people

      Challenging or altering binaries is a good point!

    5. transformations from a transgender woman

      Would the idea that drags would enhance their bodily features be a way to introduce some transhumanist notions? I am not sure though about the relevance of transhumanist theory in that context.

    6. cis-gendered

      Does it means cyborg men? A great angle!

    7. RuPaul's drag race

      Will you give more background knowledge on Ru Paul? I feel that from there you can explain the different traits, personalities and types of drag to avoid a universal stance on the community.

    1. It is a very good idea to incorporate cultural and background informations on drag people to really inform your audience on that reality in order to move toward posthuman drags.

      -To connect your 3 sections, using objects could be a manner to explain the relationship between the critique of the mainstream culture, the cyborg figures... Using visual objects rather than the linear history of drags as a jumping point could really give a sense of posthuman subjectivity.

    2. Performance aspect is instrumental to resist to oppression. There is a lot to unpack in drag performances and certainly linked to your section on the objects.

      -Which scholarly sources on psychoanalysis are you thinking to include?

    1. A pertinent video which could be annotated in multiple ways by addressing the agency of accessories as a form of empowerment for drag people in a new subjectivity.

      Some guiding questions raised by your topic and your in-class presentation:

      1. How will you convey defamiliarization by using the psychoanalytic of Freud through the point of view of the objects?

      2. Do you think about incorporating comparative analysis of drag's objects used in performances?

      3. In your scholarly sources, will you allude to how posthuman drags can reassert their role in society in an "embodied" way?

      As you mentioned in your presentation, I would say that the idea that accessories can become a state of becoming into a cyborg figure (machine aesthetic) could be explored in relation to a vitalist materialist approach to a certain extent.

    2. life as the reigning queen of Rupaul's Drag Race

      Certainly, it would be interesting to discuss how normative male domination doesn't leave place for posthuman drags deemed by society as "otherness". Otherness would not be the right term to convince the multiple identities embodied by drags. I think you can challenge the relationality between multiple others in so may ways (inanimate objects, cyborgs...), because posthuman drags' life are diverse (multiple characters). There is even maybe some self-styling notion.

      Maybe, you can also introduce some limitations of the posthuman drags boundaries.

    3. As you will be discussing heteronormativity and phallogocentrism, what kind of model will you use to critique patriarchy?

      Some cues:

      • Explaining connotations of objects used in performances.
      • Using the visual of the mainstream culture you've mentioned such as the phallus heels worn by Lady Gaga.
      • Do you think about using techno-mediated society as an intermediary to discuss how technologies significantly deconstruct dominant normative narratives on drags.

      Great material to challenge gender system!

    1. The theme sounds very critical of the heteronormative reproduction and aligns with posthumanism. Will you touch upon the extinction of humans or the fear of the otherness?

    1. Pertinent use of media to refer to the multiple identities and path taken by posthuman drags.

      -How will you define the posthuman drags in term of subjectivity?

      -Self-organizing-self-styling as a performative strategy is very intriguing.

      -Metadata could be a way to include some of your visual references.