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  1. Oct 2015
    1. By claiming the position of a small literary publisher, Eastgate found a way to give legitimacy to electronic literature.

      Does that "make" an electronic text "literature"? Like an art gallery gives "proof" that a painter really is an artist?

    2. Much later, Jenny Holtzer’s Truisms (1977), slogans and poetic lines of text displayed on tickers on Times Square and elsewhere could certainly have been interpreted as literature.

      But since Jenny Holzer "published" her texts also on paper, stone or bone carvings, I would regard it as literature (or art), but not electronic.

    1. is relatively unknown

      The definitions look both to writing and reading of e-lit, but they don't mention any impact of the book market who establishes and builds up some writersmore than others. Is there any impact up til now or is e-lit some kind of "underground" still?