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  1. Jan 2017
    1. "It is a balsam," answered Don Quixote, "the receipt of which I have in my memory, with which one need have no fear of death, or dread dying of any wound; and so when I make it and give it to thee thou hast nothing to do when in some battle thou seest they have cut me in half through the middle of the body- as is wont to happen frequently,- but neatly and with great nicety, ere the blood congeal, to place that portion of the body which shall have fallen to the ground upon the other half which remains in the saddle, taking care to fit it on evenly and exactly. Then thou shalt give me to drink but two drops of the balsam I have mentioned, and thou shalt see me become sounder than an apple.

      There is a legend that states that this is the very balm used on Jesus's lifeless body to heal him (Fierabras wa s a converted Christian). Fierabras was the son a the king of Spain that found barrels of this so-called balm. Don Quixote claims to know the recipe for this balm by heart (oil, wine, salt, and rosemary). When Don Quixote drinks the balm, it does no more than induce a bout of throwing up and fever like symptoms. However, after this he is fine. It is important to note the "healing balm" works instantly, showing that the effects of this "magical" balm are grossly exaggerated.