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  1. Apr 2021
    1. More and more juveniles were being charged with the worst crimes—serious assaults, robberies, rapes, homicides all rising for the past five years. Once these juvenil

      Where it started

    2. It works like a suspended adult prison sentence. You, young man, are going to stay in the juvenile system—that's the carrot—but we'r

      Putting Josh in Juvenile system but if he breaks any rules he will be placed in Adult prison.

  2. Mar 2021
    1. There's really no such thing as a gang expert because there aren't people in these gangs studying these gangs. They study them from a sociological standpoint.And I felt like Josh was probably one of the clearest historians that they've had in a long time. He really put himself out there. And because of Josh, other major crimes were solved.

      Lisa seems to be amazed and astonished by Josh as he's different from all the clients she had before.

    2. This is when the Heartless Felons really started coming into play. They were wreaking a lot of havoc in Cuyahoga County, and I believe to this day still are, and so the police were very desperate to get as much information as they can.

      Joshua only person willing to help the cops even while going to juvie

    3. he'd meet with investigators a couple more times. Joshua has terrific recall for all manner of information, and he'd give them dates, addresses, times. He'd tell them details of crimes about which they already knew and about ones they didn't. As a source, he was a champion.

      Josh becomes their CIs confidential informants

    4. The police show him some photo arrays. He doesn't positively identify anyone. But he says two people look sort of like the shooter, neither of whom was Da'Von. The defense says Da'Von's photo was in that initial array. The state says it wasn't.In any case, about five weeks later, the cops show the landscaper another photo lineup. First, he rules out Da'Von, then changes his mind, then says someone else's photo looks like the shooter. Finally, a week after that—so 57 days after the shooting—they show the landscaper that same photo array. And he says he's going to go with his gut, and that he's 90 percent sure it's this guy right here—Da'Von Holmes.

      In this case the officers interviewing the landscaper shouldn't have used relied on this witness because he was unsure if Davon was the shooter he was and wasn't 100% sure if Davon was the shooter. Not only did the witness not have a good sight on the shooter, Davon photo was shown to the landscaper three times as officers are only suppose to put someone in a lineup once and if he isn't ID as a suspect he should be let go.

    1. The situation probably would have worked out for the best or the worst if I would have defended myself. I tried to run from the situation. Then they chased me and beat me down. So I'm thinking if I would have handled my business right then and there—because I'm a man and I know—Emmanuel Dzotsi You think that if you defended yourself, it would've gone better for you?Jesse Nickerson If I would have defended myself, it would have been better. Because I know for me, my physical well-being, I can handle him. Like, I could have handled both of them officers.

      Jesse has that street mentality

    2. I never did nothing to you. Did nothing to you.Jesse Nickerson You's a coward, bitch.David Duncan Did nothing to you.Jesse Nickerson You's a coward-ass bitch.David Duncan Did nothing to you.Jesse Nickerson Bitch-ass nigga.Emmanuel Dzotsi Jesse motions toward the parking lot.Jesse Nickerson Take off that shit and let's step out

      Why is Jesse harassing this officer? What does he gain by aggressively verbalizing with this officer?

    3. hen Jesse enters the frame, coming from the back of the shop, carrying a drink. Jesse skips everyone in line at the register, puts some money down on the counter. And as he walks past Duncan towards the door, starts cussing him out.Jesse Nickerson [INAUDIBLE] nigga. Faggot-ass bitch. You a fag, nigga.David Duncan I'm sorry. You got it. Whatever you want.Jesse Nickerson [INAUDIBLE]David Duncan I ain't did nothing to you, brother. You can have it, brother.

      Jesse initiates the conflict bwt himself and the officer as the officer was minding his own business.

    4. Love Ohio. But it is a terrible place to try to function without being able to drive. Perhaps in part for that very reason, the state has learned that revoking someone's driver's license is a great way to get their attention for any number of things. Lapsed car insurance, open warrants, being late on child support, unexcused absences from school—there are more than forty different ways you can get your license suspended in Ohio.

      Trap to imprison and harass black ppl. Ohio system is corrupt and uses its laws to take advantage of the people which leads to more arrest and higher statistics.

    5. Jesse told me his plan for today was to plead guilty. That's right. After pissing off Judge LeBarron by not showing up to court, then agreeing to a plea, then insisting on a trial, then agreeing to a plea again, then insisting on a trial again, Jesse's plan today was to reverse course one more time and accept a plea deal.

      Jesse is playing games making back and forth decisions.

    6. Jesse replies. Then Jesse accuses Heather McCollough of trying to pressure him to take a plea against his wishes. McCollough, who's standing right next to Jesse, is like, hang on a minute. McCollough tells Judge LeBarron, this is the first time she's hearing this. And then McCollough and Jesse start arguing.

      Jesse playing games with the judge and lawyer as he makes undeceive decisions.

    7. Scott Ramsey tells Jesse to gather video evidence, find witnesses. Seven to ten people would be good, he says, preferably people without criminal records. And then he'll assess the potential for a lawsuit.

      evidence and witnesses they could use in court against the police for the lawsuit.

    8. How his shoulder got injured, how they left him at the hospital with five tickets, how when he showed up in court to deal with those tickets, the police arrested him again and, he says, threw him in a locker room with no bathroom for two days.

      Inhumane treatment toward Jesse revealing Cleveland officers using aggression and unjustified treatment towards Jesse. Second person to be thrown in a locker room with no bathroom

    9. Jesse Nickerson told me that he was sort of relieved that the officers who'd taken him to the park that night were black and not white. He feels like if they'd been white, he probably would have gotten shot.

      Why would a black cop abuse another black man. They are the same people with the same skin color they should be able to relate