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  1. May 2019
    1. copse;

      "A thicket of small trees or underwood periodically cut for economic purposes" (OED)

    2. drawing-room,

      "A room to withdraw to, a private chamber attached to a more public room now a room reserved for the reception of company, and to which the ladies withdraw from the dining-room after dinner" (OED).

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    3. waiting-woman

      " A female servant, or personal attendant "(OED).

    4. dining-parlour

      “If there was a dining room, it was most often used for formal dinners; the family usually had their meals in a ‘breakfast parlour’ or ‘morning room.” (http://www.jasna.org/persuasions/printed/number12/sutherland2.htm )

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    5. chaise-and-four

      "To take chaise: to use a chaise as a means of conveyance. A chaise and pair, four, six. A chaise drawn by a pair, four, or six horses" (OED).

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