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  1. Sep 2020
    1. Longer term, the report says the gap must be addressed by expanding healthcare access for all Americans. In New York City, the center of the pandemic, Covid-19 is killing black and Latino people at twice the rate of white patients. One factor is the higher proportion of uninsured people in communities of color.

      This is why I doubt Snowden's claim that most plagues did not discriminate against the poor or rich. The poor will always have it worse as they are forced to congregate with others for income and live in unsanitary conditions, for example

    2. In the 12 weeks between 18 March and 11 June, the combined wealth of all US billionaires increased by more than $637bn to a total of $3.581tn, more than the entire wealth of the US’s 59 million Latinx population combined and equal to three-quarters of all Black wealth, according to an analysis by the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS).

      Rich get richer while poor get poorer. Why is this? Perhaps find an article explaining this

    3. Over the same period, 44 million Americans lost their jobs and filed for unemployment insurance. The numbers have declined from a one week peak of 6.6 million in April but are still historically high. More than 3 million people have filed for unemployment in the last two weeks alone. Latinx and African American people have been hit hardest by the layoffs.

      research unemployment statistics more, compare to financial hardships in pandemics throughout history

    4. The share of households of color with zero or “negative” wealth, meaning their debts exceed the value of their assets, is much higher than the share of white households. According to the report, 37% of black families and 33% of Latino families have zero or negative wealth, compared to just 15.5% of white families. Black Americans have a homeownership rate of just 44%, compared to a white homeownership rate over 70%.

      how are communities with zero or negative wealth harmed during pandemics? Do research on this

    5. By 2016, white median wealth had increased by $36,000 to $146,984, while Latino median wealth increased by only a couple thousand to $6,591.

      likely helps in weathering pandemic (i.e. white people can afford to stay home and shelter with virtual jobs instead of taking menial jobs that require in person interaction and risking infection)

    6. multigenerational history of white supremacy

      would be interesting to compare experiences in pandemics on the basis of race