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  1. Mar 2021
    1. “That specification process may be one that goes awry with PTSD or generalized anxiety.”

      Wow. That was a fascinating inference drawn.

    2. how anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder are understood.

      Application of the experiment

    3. mild foot shock

      A mild electrical shock administered to the feet of laboratory animals during a variety of psychological and other experiments

    4. Basically, the precept of the visual stimulus and the precept of this completely artificial activation of the neurons generated the same response

      Successful completion of the experiment

    5. this “reactivation” of memories during sleep needs to occur in order to fully store the memory of newly learned material.

      I almost feel like I'm a computer and my brain is the ROM because of the technical jargon used in here. Maybe we are? Maybe, computers are closest to creating actual humans.

    6. not only did the neurons activated by the visual stimulus keep more active during subsequent sleep, sleep is vital to their ability to connect the fear memory to the sensory event.

      The crux of the article: Why is sleeping vital? to connect sensory events with our fear memory.

    7. stored in mice

      Mice? Is it trying to refer to the miniscule space a sensory event occupies in our brains?

    8. humming, tattooing memories into your brain.

      Quite a beautiful personification. Tattooing memories connotes the permanence of those memories in our brain.