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  1. Apr 2017
    1. Would you consider Cassy to be a hero? why or why not?

      Do you agree with Uncle Tom's decision to stick by faith?

      Is Uncle Tom better describe as a martyr?

    2. “There, these will be large enough,” said Cassy. “Now put on your bonnet, and let’s start; it’s just about the right time.”

      Cassy is relentless , won't stop reminds me of "The Raven"

    3. lugubrious

      sad or a dismal look.

    4. ostentation

      pretentious and vulgar display, especially of wealth and luxury, intended to impress or attract notice

    5. Altogether, it was a weird and ghostly place; but ghostly as it was, it wanted not in legends among the superstitious negroes, to increase its terrors.

      Supernatural terms

    6. opulent

      Lavish , Luxurious