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  1. May 2019
    1. baseless

      Without KNOWN basis. Elon does many things, but baseless speaking is not one of them.

    2. Start to imagine a scenario

      I imagine it would be similar to back when Apple forced out Steve Jobs.

    3. squad of Ford manufacturing and logistics engineers into the company that cures what ails it.

      Sounds like Armageddon. Much more likely this approach would destroy all that is good about Tesla.

    4. And Musk will have to listen to his board, as well as to suitors.

      Not necessarily. If the stock fall further, Musk himself could acquire the 30% he heeds to become majority owner.

    5. A leaked memo

      Another leaked memo says production targets are being met and demand is high. Why the selective mention?

    6. 1950s-era production and delivery and logistics


    1. It also has to back off from disruption

      Tesla was founded to achieve disruption. Tesla has achieved disruption. Why would they stop doing what has worked so well?

    2. has to contend with 21st-century prices, as well as 20th-century technologies

      Some would argue this is a huge advantage

    3. I've always preferred the idea of Tesla as a solid, small-to-medium-sized carmaker

      I bet you preferred small, until it became medium. In just a year or two. In another few years, we arrive at large. This is where the value comes from, not from selling cars.

    4. General Motors sold nearly 3 million vehicles in the US alone and has made tens of billions on profits since its own 2010 IPO

      General Motors also went bankrupt

    1. Elon Musk, with a $2.3 billion package

      More accurately: $0 package, UNLESS value of company goes up 18 fold, to $650 billion, at which point it seems fair to let him have 0.5% of that....

      Makes one wonder if the other pay packages are equally misrepresented, here, and perhaps the entire conclusion is flawed.

    1. The pay package Tesla promised to Elon Musk was so large, we had to add an extra dimension to the chart below to display it accurately

      It would be relevant here and should be mentioned that Elon Musk's compensation is conditioned on enormous growth of the company, and he receives nothing if that does not happen.

    1. If you do the math

      Here is the math: 2020-2023 4 years (Jan 1-Dec 31). 1 million annual is 4 million. That is way more than the 1.7 million

    2. four

      3 million vehicles divided by 4 years divided by 500,000 per factory makes less than two factories in my book.