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  1. Jan 2019
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    1. Audience

      Ultimately I would like to see the three personas listed or linked here

      • CMO/VP Marketing
      • Director, Marketing
      • Practitioner
    2. Smart. Analytical. Ambitious. Optimistic. Pragmatic.


    3. What my successful peers are doing to move the dial

      Benchmarking (its a good marketers competitive trait)

    4. Prove my worth to the organization. Positioning marketing as a growth driver.
      1. Order matters, so I would put "Positioning marketing..." first
      2. To me, "Prove my worth..." is a new hire position so I would like to discuss
    5. y bosses want to see quick wins, but I know we can achieve big w

      add "My data (database) quality sucks"

    6. Digital transformation, big data, integration, collaboration,convergence

      Big Ideas such as ....

  3. demandlab.weebly.com demandlab.weebly.com
    1. (Wrong): Avoid interruptive communication.Personalize the experience.Valuable info, not sales pitches.(Right): Avoid interruptive communication.Personalize the experience.Focus on delivering value.

      I found this hard to understand what was comparison, can we add a highlight to demonstrate the difference?

      maybe moving it to side by side as in other examples would help?

    2. Style

      would like to have a section on superscripting by itself or part of footnoting/citing

    3. TM

      this needs to be changed to a registered trademark. Which leads to another thought - should it be superscripted?

    4. e-Books

      see previous note eBook vs. e-Book

    5. eBook

      eBook vs e-Book, it is on this page twice in two different forms.

    6. .”

      should there be a period here?

    1. Find the template for DemandLab case studies here.

      Would like to see a preamble/intro that defines

      • nominal word count
      • audience
      • goal