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  1. Feb 2020
    1. We claim that observational learning is especially effective in teaching students how to write hypertexts because it is this type of learning that makes it possible to make covert (“mental”) processes visible.

      I am in favor of observational learning, especially for weak learners. When a student learns by observing they are not only using their eyes; they are also using other senses. Depending on the learning experience they may use their hearing, touch, taste and/or smell to enhance their learning capabilities. Observational learning encourages the student to release the words and pictures in their mind and “convert”, them to actual tangible visions; that will help in the learning process.

    2. n general, we hypothesize that hypertext writing is beneficial for the acquisition of content knowledge as well as for writing in term of self-efficacy for writing and linear text quality, especially for learners with a relatively weaker point of departure, be it writing skills or content knowledge.

      Sometimes weak learners get frustrated with the writing process. Hypertext writing allows easy access to additional information. I agree with the hypothesis. I believe the ability to retrieve and use additional information will first of all increase the student’s self-efficacy. When they are at a point that they believe in themselves, then increasing content knowledge and improving linear text quality is in most cases, a guaranteed.

  2. Oct 2019
    1. All I can think of is my journal, with all the poems I have written over the years. Left behind in the rush to leave, I have mourned it every day since, cursing myself for forgetting it.

      Leaving her journal is like leaving of a big piece of her being.

    2. I have buried seven husbands, three fiancés, fifteen sons and a two-week old daughter I finally agreed to have at 42 for my husband’s sake, to bring life back to his tongue after we laid our two grown, handsome sons to rest, one after the other, and grief took all his words away. Our daughter did not die because of a bullet or mortar shell or carbomb, like my father, sister, brother, cousin, mother, neighbor, pharmacist, teacher. She died because the siege had cut off not only our food and electricity, but also our medicine and medical supplies.

      When a person dies their body becomes hollow. I can not imagine the task of her emotions trying to stay strong as she felt the hollowness of her deceased love ones; and the hope of her living love ones.