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  1. Jun 2018
    1. En una carta, los altos mandos militares le piden a la senadora del Centro Democrático, que ha liderado la oposición contra esa disposición, que permita que el reglamento sea aprobado por el Congreso, para darle seguridad jurídica a la Fuerza Pública.

      Esto está bien




  2. Apr 2018
  3. Feb 2018
  4. Nov 2016
    1. This is a list of products related to the WWW project with a link to a status summary of each one. For list of previous milestones, releases, etc, see the "Features" list for each product, linked to the wish lists. See also: getting the files .

      I think this could be considered a description under our specification

  5. Apr 2016
    1. The current protocol builds upon a technique first introduced by Ha and colleagues (Ha et al., 2002) which, in turn, built upon finding that polyethylene glycol (PEG) is most effective in creating anti-fouling surfaces (Prime and Whitesides, 1993), also see references in (Ostuni etal., 2001).


  6. Oct 2015