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  1. Apr 2019
    1. But shortly after its completion, Crawford returned to the United States and married Seeger.

      In my opinion, she just listened to her mind and value her emotions rather than only focusing on her career which gave her the chance to experience her dream and having a beautiful life with her husband and children.

    2. “It insisted on becoming a string quartet.” With that new direction, she wrote, “the music came more easily, and after these six months of almost complete silence, it is such a relief.”

      I think her statement makes it clear that music has its own flow to create new ideas. With person's skill music can can be more innovative and creative. We can't force music to be in our own way.

    3. “To work alone: I am convinced this is what I should do, to discover what I really want,” she decided.

      Although, indeed she is brave enough to study by herself to discover something new but working with others can give more opportunists to explore different new ideas and sharing ideas to others; And criticism and feedback always help to improve.

    4. she avoided studying with the master of 12-tone composition.

      She must be confident and fearless to take that decision; she is also self reliant on her knowledge and skill in music.

    5. the first woman to receive one

      How was Ruth feeling to be the first one? Did she expect that to be happen?