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  1. Jan 2017
    1. Risks of Problem-Based Learning

      PBL is definitely something different that students may not be used to. And they may not be used to all the hands on they have to learn to do. It is really all about interaction and for students to transition from traditional learning to this could become frustrating.

    1. “It’s gotta be fun. The more fun the project is, the more interested they’ll be, the more they’ll learn,” he said. “In fact, I have parents say, ‘I’m really concerned. My kids really like school. My kid’s having too much fun.’

      It makes an all around better atmosphere for the students learning and it gets them more involved.

    1. . Projects, as a means to make schooling more useful and readily applied to the world, first became popular in the early part of the century within the United States

      I think that project based learning really does help you get prepared for the world more than just reading from a textbook. Today, our technology is so advanced you can read your textbook online and almost everything can be done on a computer so why are we still teaching things not relevant to all the advances we have today?

    1. Why Project Based Learning (PBL)?

      what i gathered from reading this first article is that it seams like project based learning should be in every school system? If it gets students more into the project and makes them learn easier and remember things better then why wouldn't we be practicing it in every school?

    1. Courses Teachers Need to Take

      When I came across this headline I immediately agreed with it because everyone continues to learn throughout their lives. I believe that teachers should still continue to take courses because they will continue to deal with different generations every time they teach and not every student will have the same learning techniques as each other so the teacher has to be accomodating for them all.