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  1. Feb 2019
    1. Network centralization

      degree.cent <- centr_degree(g, mode = "all") degree.cent$res degree.cent$centralization degree.cent$theoretical_max

    2. Valente (2010) summarizes the calculation of network centralization. Network centralization is calculated by determining the highest individual centrality score (either in-degree or out-degree) and then subtracting it from all the other individual scores in the network. Next, these differences are added and that total is divided by the maximum sum of differences theoretically possible in a network of that size. Freeman's (1979) formula for centralization degree (CD) is:

      Measuring network centralization.

    3. Degrees refers to the number of ties an actor either sends (out-degree) or receives (in-degree).

      Definition of Degrees

    4. The average path length measures the mean distance between all pairs of actors in the network.


    5. the density of transitive triples is the number of triples, which are transitive, divided by the number of paths of length two

      This is the mathematical measure of transitivity.

    1. Honeycutt, T. (2009). Making Connections: Using Social Network Analysis for Program Evaluation. Mathematica Policy Research, (1), 1–4.

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