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  1. Sep 2017
    1. "Why Fluoride Is Toxic" report, Dr. Blaylock

      Advertising own article

    2. fluoride's apparent role in triggering early-onset brain diseases such as Alzheimer's

      Vague wording again! (Also, "apparent" role; they're not even sure.)

    3. One major area of research

      Vague wording "major area of research"

    4. caused severe destruction of brain cells in the part of the brain controlling learning and memory,"

      Severe consequences, no details or additional information that can help make a decision. ed

    5. When it is not lodging itself in brain tissue and actually causing this and other forms of dementia, fluoride appears to worsen brain disease symptoms in patients who have already been diagnosed with dementia

      This sentence presents fluoride as an active opponent of proper health; almost as if fluoride is purposely trying to harm individuals.

    6. One study shows that adding fluoride to water in the presence of even small amounts of aluminum

      "One study" = vague (Without knowing details of study, this information has little merit/validity.) Also "small amount"; why not give a real amount?

    7. Widespread claims by government health authorities that fluoride is completely safe at current exposure levels are false

      Arguing against mainstream thoughts/government structures.

    8. fluoride greatly increases the overall toxic burden of this pervasive metal, rendering it exceptionally more toxic.

      Vague wording that indicates many medical issues, but doesn't actually describe them or give information to combat issue.

    9. What apparently happens when individuals with aluminum-induced neural degeneration are exposed to fluoride

      Again, "apparently"; the author appears unfamiliar/unsure about the exact effect.

    10. Studies


    11. how we are all essentially being lied to about the safety of artificial fluoride chemicals in our water.

      Not explaining what lies occur.

    12. major implications


    13. 1998 study

      Why are you using such an old source??

    14. "The presence of fluoride enhanced the bio-availability of aluminum (Al) causing more aluminum to cross the blood-brain barrier and become deposited in the brain. The aluminum level in the brains of the fluoride-treated group was double that of the controls."

      Above statements a summary/synthesis of this point, quoted from a study; demonstrates tactic of fake news in writing stories.

    15. especially when that fluoride interacts with other toxic chemicals commonly found in municipal water supplies.

      Not referencing or identifying toxic chemicals; also not discussing quantity in reference to toxicity.

    16. holds nothing back when it comes to telling it like it is, even when "it" goes against the prevailing schools of thought within his profession

      Portraying mainstream media as the enemy, "Real Truth" is hidden away.

    17. The World Health Organization (WHO) explains in a report on aluminum that aluminum salts used as coagulants at many water treatment facilities can lead to increased concentrations of aluminum in finished water, which is worsened by the addition of fluoride chemicals.

      I'm unable to find a position of the WHO at this time; link at the bottom of the page doesn't lead anywhere. (Could be another tactic, using a reputable site and putting words in their mouth.)

    18. http://www.who.int

      No link to actually follow.

    19. Renowned medical doctor and neurosurgeon

      Pumping of a source; used to persuade the audience to agree with their viewpoint more.

    20. trace amounts of aluminum

      No real amount given for aluminum (PPM?)

    21. http://w3.newsmax.com

      Blaylock's own newsletter; must pay to read.

    22. Neurotoxicology and Teratology back in 1995.

      Bruh, really?

    23. major brain damage

      Serious threat, but no real information given.

    24. Dr. Blaylock's "Why Fluoride Is Toxic"

      Advertising own journal