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  1. Aug 2021
    1. temporary data & cache, SMS, text messages, photos, gallery, facial recognitions, text messages, WhatsApp, Call logs, clipboard etc.

      Worth having.

  2. Jan 2018
    1. The best?

    2. The development team behind AOSP Extended is also highly active, rolling out timely updates at the start of each month. AOSP Extended is in most ways, one of the most dependable custom ROMs out there that can be used as a daily driver.

      Sounds great

    3. Sounds ideal

    4. Sounds ideal


    1. If you love the pure vanilla interface of Android which has the best performance and is completely stable, you should surely go for this ROM.

      Sounds ideal

    2. Sounds nice

    3. This is an unofficial LineageOS 14.1 with many optimizations on the official version. If you just want your phone to work without any fancy frills then you might be interested in using this.

      Sounds good

    4. Sounds good