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  1. Nov 2017
    1. Among posts that Facebook didn’t delete were Donald Trump’s comments on Muslims. Days after the Paris attacks, Trump, then running for president, posted on Facebook “calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”

      This of course would be kept, because it is history in the making.

    1. So to go back to that Hollywood paraphrase, we do want the prodigious potential of artificial intelligence and digital technology to blossom, but for that, we must face this prodigious menace, open-eyed and now.

      A spiderman quote... that's lame. This serious topic is now blunted to me. If you have time to quote shitty writing I'd rather keep an eye on you. Additionally, I'd like to mark you down in trustworthiness in China's system.

    1. or even just your chances of getting a date.

      That sucks.... they'd give this score to every citizen? I thought government only would use this.

  2. Oct 2017
    1. the story historically

      Is and will always be written by whomever is in power. Sadly, the last few centuries have white, religious, and English-speaking bigots to hold that power. We all can agree that is wrong and stupid.

    2. well-intentioned but racist

      They set the movement back.

  3. Sep 2017
    1. Introduction to ChoiceScript

      Fascinating though this is I don't have time to learn the set up. I'd rather focus on practical choice making.

    1. I call bullshit

      I think that summarizes enough of my sentiment. Anyone can be said to make, design, user, interface, entertain, pervade, insert-verb-of-choice-here. That persons class it as male and female is only making me think they need to drop out of their career fields and move to some farm by themselves. "Make and care-give for yourself and others."

      These people should be focused more on using the training they have and taking their pride and shoving it up there collective assholes. Just my opinion... Obviously it's better than theirs. just as theirs is "better" than the people they want to see as worth less than themselves. Are culture is always going to have people on top who don't deserve credit taking credit for those they see as point flies in the ointment. just ignore them and wait your turn.

    1. Choose Your Own Adventure Books.

      This doesn't work ignore... I'll see if I can find another program.

    1. This post is a bit stream of consciousness, and so I want to pose a question here. Which experience do you think is more educational

      Neither is. Educational is an abstract and subjective term. The chances are the second scenario lends itself to furthering education through the change or examination of ideals... However, Ernest Cline could have made a very lengthy and well worded 'comment'. The students could have learned from either or neither.


      Anyone else stop and say, "F*** you!"

    2. Do not share the solutions to assignments with others unless this is expressly authorized by the Instructor

      That one is interesting. I have worked in study groups in the past going over old tests... On this site, we wouldn't be allowed to now.

    3. identify you by your username

      Make me famous boy~o.

    1. Domains may not be used for nonprofit or for-profit businesses or organizations and may not act as gateways for financial transactions. In addition, domains may not be used for events that are non-recurring or do not involve the UMW community.

      We can still set up to do so, for after purchasing the domain later? I can hide the site set up until I leave in 2019?

    1. But for the gallery, that kind of conversation is incompatible with a privileging of exploitation as a mode for producing and disseminating art.

      In other words, the gallery said our reputation is more important than what artist gets represented. The works matter less than the gallery. This is probably not a good time to mention my career goals. I plan to work in publishing. I can only imagine how much fun that is gonna be.

    1. So. Six starting places for conversation. Recognize any of these? Do any resonate with your own practices?

      I neither act or know anyone who acts like this.Feels like a cop out, but it's true.

    2. Drawing from this, my work frames digital identities not as virtual selves, but as particular subjects brought into being by our relational, mobile interactions in the world of bits and extending into the world of atoms

      Reading this to my wife... Try saying this faster than a normal speaking rate.

    3. I hate when my phone rings.

      I'd rather the phone... Just to get the interaction out of the way.

  4. Aug 2017
    1. This lack of portability continues in much digital schoolwork too.

      I feel like this is more of a public school issue. I was home schooled growing up. I learned quickly I had need of an email address, and I learned to manage it. This may not be a domain but it is a good starting place. Being in control of my own correspondence made a huge difference to me. I could talk to others on topics the I understood, could play games online, and more. Eventually, I started college and had more things. I had known for years that email controls, and communicates with other platforms. I would use my email to send documents and keep my own copy as a back up in my email. I could keep or send others emails and homework I would submit. I Even found ways to send it to phones when I needed. Email addresses are an important step in this process. I have been told, by my cousins and my wife, that they never even made email addresses; until, they were juniors in high school.

    2. “I want to know where my ones and zeros are stored,” said Bryan Jackson

      On the cloud Bryan.