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  1. Dec 2015
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    1. Coxcombs

      Noun. A fool, simpleton (obs.); now, a foolish, conceited, showy person, vain of his accomplishments, appearance, or dress; a fop; 'a superficial pretender to knowledge or accomplishments'. (OED)

    2. Sempstresses

      Alternate word for seamstress. (OED)

    3. Mercers

      Noun. A person who deals in textile fabrics, esp. silk, velvet, and other fine materials; spec. a member of the worshipful Company of Mercers, a livery company of the City of London. Also (occasionally): a dealer in haberdashery. (OED)

    4. beseech

      v. to beg ernestly for, entreat (a thing). (Oxford English Dictionary)

    5. By George

      Phrase. Used as exclamation or mild oath. (OED)