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  1. Apr 2021
    1. Bios

      I just wanted to see if I could annotate the links as well. It looks like textual objects are fair game!

    2. me...!

      I like this layout--the opposite placement of the pics. It's just visually more interesting.

    1. Again.

      So this is the start of Bonne's journey. We need more on this page though to make it interesting so that we will want to meet the two Roadies in the Bios page.

    1. ...

      We're using the Simple Page as our start page to create a better sense of a landing page before entering into the Exhibit. While we could set the Browse Exhibits as the startpage, that would be better for a site with many exhibits. But for one-offs or for class projects, this might be better....Hmmm....

    2. On the road again...

      Although we're using an Omeka Simple Page as our start page, the link I'm using points us to the first page of the Exhibit.