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  1. Jan 2022
    1. Chronic exposure to soot is associated with shorter life expectancies, lung cancer, diabetes and low birth weight and can exacerbate respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses.

      Those chronic exposure also contributes with other disease like lung cancer, diabetes and other kind of illness.

    2. Refineries and chemical plants are major emitters of not only nitrogen oxide, but sulfur dioxide, which also contributes to smog and haze.

      Not only chemical plants are effecting the nature also sulfur dioxide which contribute smog and haze.

    3. Now California is crafting a similar policy for trucks. State regulators are expected to vote on rules in June that would require truck manufacturers to sell all-electric or fuel-cell trucks in the state

      Thats a good idea because all electric vehicle is more effective to the nature.

    4. Some truck manufacturers have pushed back against the proposal, saying the market for selling electric trucks hasn't developed yet.

      They should start to develop more electric cars and start to take off the gasoline cars from the roads.

    5. California also has an ambitious target for putting 5 million electric cars on the road by 2030. That could help lower emissions because instead of burning gasoline, those cars would run on electricity, largely generated by solar, wind and hydropower in the state.

      What do you think using electric cars or gasoline cars will be less effective to reduce those chemicals?

    6. they

      They refers to passenger cars.

    7. I

      I refers to Jenna Krall weich is the statistician and air pollution expert.

    8. emphasized

      Emphasized means to give special importance or prominence to something in speaking or writing.

    9. Pollution from burning coal also affects a larger area than vehicle emissions, which means modest air pollution reductions in East Coast states may partly be because of their location downwind of coal-fired facilities.

      Burning coal also affects the pollution more than vehicle emission.

    10. sustainable

      Sustainable means to be able maintained at a certain rate or level.

    11. also

      also shows that cars and trucks also produce nitrogen oxide which knowns as NOx.

    12. Emissions from those sources, combined with hot and stagnant weather, cause air pollution to hit dangerous levels during the summer, which puts the region out of compliance with federal air standards

      air pollution hit different during the summer because it combine with the hot weather.

    13. But

      But shows difference, even if the weather warm up the air quality is still getting worse.

    14. Breathing polluted air for long periods of time can damage the lungs and make it more difficult to fight respiratory disease

      People with different diseases can affect them.

    15. "Every country, city, financial institution and company should adopt plans for transitioning to net zero [greenhouse gas] emissions by 2050."

      They should eliminate before 2050 because young people and older ones are becoming in danger those days.

    16. Climate change is making people sick and leading to premature death, according to a pair of influential reports on the connections between global warming and health.

      I think they should start eliminate the fossil fuel because a lot of people is getting sick and leading to death.

    17. Longer, more intense heat waves are a particularly deadly effect of global warming around the world, and older people are most at risk.

      How can we stop effecting the global warming these days?

    18. suicidal

      Suicidal means deeply unhappy or depressed and likely to commit suicide.

    19. tremendous

      Tremendous means very great in amount, scale, or intensity.

    20. ir pollution from agriculture, vehicles and power plants contributes to asthma and other diseases that make severe cases of COVID-19 more likely.

      Vehicle and power plants makes many diseases that makes severe cases of covid-19

    21. that people who work outside, poor people and student-athletes

      Most the people who works outside may suffer from the heat illness.

    22. Climate change and air pollution have the same root cause — the burning of fossil fuels."

      Burning fossils fuels are causing the climate and the air pollution to change

    23. "Many carbon-intensive practices and policies lead to poor air quality, poor food quality, and poor housing quality,

      Causes of death, disease, and burning fossil fuels led to poor air quality, poor food quality, and poor housing quality.

    24. he

      The pronoun he refers to Antonio Guterres.

    25. she

      The pronoun she refers to Dr. Renee Salas.

    26. For example

      For example shows that urban areas without the green spaces will increase dangerous heat to the island moreover planting trees will change the climate change.

    27. in addition,

      It shows that people who work outside may suffer from the illness.

    28. A New Mexico state law requires killing any wild animal who has attacked a human, then testing that animal for rabies; the bear was killed the day after Williams was injured.

      what do you think about the new law in New Mexico about killing wild animal and do you agree?

    29. Many states on the East Coast allow wildlife officers to consider the circumstances that led to an attack when deciding whether a bear should live or die."

      In Alaska it is legal to kill the bears.

    30. If we use common sense and take precautions we may save animals' lives, as well as our own

      we always have to take cautions to save animals lives

    31. always we have to take cautions to save animal lives

    32. he

      Jade Fitzpatrick

    1. Even if there was a change in administration that wanted more environmental regulations, every day that we don't reduce carbon emissions is a problem,” she says. “Every additional unit of carbon that's emitted into the atmosphere is a problem.”

      They have to reduce them because if they don't reduce the problem will continue on effecting the climate change.

    2. The review process makes agencies consider alternatives that reduce the negative impacts of the original plan, such as building a highway around a protected habitat instead of through it, she says. Now, even fewer projects will go through this process.

      we have to reduce things such as building, highway, commercial building so we can reduce the burning coal and save the climate change.

    3. The Trump administration has been busy during the pandemic, reshaping and rolling back long-standing environmental regulations on water, air and climate change.

      How can we stop the burning coal from effecting the climate change?

    4. assessing

      Assessing means to evaluate or estimate the nature, ability, or quality of.

    5. repercussions

      Repercussions means an unintended consequences occurring some time after an event or action especially an unwelcome one

    6. Every ton of carbon dioxide released has an economic impact that can include damaged infrastructure,

      Every tons of carbon dioxide is impacted the economy and can damaged the sea level.

    7. reduce emissions from facilities that burn coal.

      they should start to reduce emission from burning the coal.

    8. pipelines have a really large climate effect on top of their broader environmental footprint.

      those pipeline have a big difference on the climate change of the environment.

    9. We

      We relates to protesters saying that they had eight hurricanes and a really strong storm.

    10. because

      Shows the effect of the pipeline have effected the climate of the environment.

    11. But

      But shows difference that even before the rollback only 1% of the federal projects went through intensive environment.

    12. she

      The pronoun she relates to Kendra Pierre-Louis.