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  1. Sep 2017
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    1. I think math is one of my favorites subjects in school.

      i am also very good at math and i enjoy science. What else are you good at?

    2. A turning point in my life would probably when my grandma past away about a year and a half ago.

      I am interested on yours and your grandmothers relationship and why this was a turning point for you.

    3. I quickly realized his love for the color red, because of how young and naive I was I wasn’t able to realize how serious of a subject it was.

      I relate to this because i used to think cholas and crips and bloods were all super cool and i really didnt know the concept behind it.

    4. comes back every once in awhile when he needs money or someone to try and manipulate.

      I relate to this on a personal level because of my mom. She likes to come around when sh'es feeling sorry for herself or to blame something on someone to make herself feel better.