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  1. Nov 2017
    1. A Professor is proposed for antient Languages, the Latin, Greek and Hebrew, particularly, but these Languages being the foundation common to all the Sciences, it is difficult to foresee what may be the extent of this school.

      I find this part to be a little weird because in other areas of the document Jefferson seems to hint at the almost endless possibilities of how the university can expand, but here he implies that Latin, Greek, and Hebrew won't have a future in UVA. This confuses me why he would make plans for every aspect of the university, yet basically prohibit language. It makes me wonder how he would feel about the extremely extensive langauge program UVA has now.

    2. morals

      I find it extremely contradictory that this list of "objects of education" contains many words that imply the people of the university are of superior or high-held moral character and intelligence, yet they still displayed incredible and blatant bigotry towards minority groups, especially blacks. You would think that the "morally strong, intelligent, faithful, expressive, socially aware" people of this supposedly righteous establishment would have the decency to detest slavery as directly opposite of these listed values or at least realize that the slaves, who they reduce to mere statistics, are people too. Instead, they outright declare and boast their racism, as if it is not wrong or immoral at all. This list and its contradictory nature is yet another ugly stain on the University.

  2. Oct 2017
    1. These are the objects of that higher grade of education

      This list of goals for all students of the university truly reflect that Jefferson wanted to mold well-rounded citizens, considering this list contains skills varying from business to math. I think it's important that while he recognized that students would differ in their specialty or major, he aimed to have every student know at least the basics of every area of study. I think it's also important that he didn't mention the practice of a specific religion as a goal; he only hinted at the values that certain religions have. Thus, the university started out being able to produce more open-minded graduates than competing institutions from the start.

    2. We have proposed no formal provision for the gymnastics of the school

      This part of the document is consistent with many others in that it is yet another facet of the university that was not officially decided on when it was founded. I find this to be reflective of the fact that Jefferson had a vision of a progressive and constantly evolving university in which he trusted its future leaders to do what they viewed as best for the time. This founding concept is seen not only here but in many other parts where there were pieces of the university not set in stone. It is this progressive outlook that may have led to the eventual acceptance of women and minorities into UVA.