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  1. Nov 2022
    1. TEDx Talk from Dr. David Wile

      Some thoughts from the video. Fossil Fuels are legacy energy forms. We have cleaner, renewable, and sustainable options now. Proprietary textbooks are fossil fuels. They are expensive, restrictive, and exclusive. We have the technology to allow all students to read the same book at the same time without access issues. If you are in education and you copyright or withhold your IP, why are you in education? The entire role of a teacher is to be generous with your time, information, and materials. Open Education is the only way to do education.

  2. Jan 2022
    1. what will you be collectively leading TOWARDS?

      I Like this. So it often doesn’t seem like there is a clear goal we are working towards. It seems so obvious but simply saying something like “we want to have 50% of course curriculum guides with at least one open educational resource (OER)” focuses on that. Everything else can be ignored outside of that goal. Whenever there are meetings, and they talk about what has been accomplished, it’s like a popcorn kernel popped in that goals were just met. For example, they recently moved all the student emails at my school to a different domain name. They made an announcement they did so after the fact like I was entirely in the dark for the whole process rather than being updated along the way.