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  1. Feb 2017
  2. Jan 2017
    1. My wife has learned by experimenting that she can take any cookie recipe, any cake recipe, and reduce the amount of sugar by one third, and it actually tastes better, and it doesn’t ruin the texture. If you go down by a half, then it does. But if you go down by a third, the cookies still come out just as good

      Reduce baking recipes byt a third

    2. My wife has learned by experimenting that she can take any cookie recipe, any cake recipe, and reduce the amount of sugar by one third, and it actually tastes better, and it doesn’t ruin the texture. If you go down by a half, then it does. But if you go down by a third, the cookies still come out just as good

      Reduce baking recipes byt a third

  3. Jul 2016
    1. St. Mogue was abbot over it

      St MOgue in Leitrim Same fellow as Ferns & Aodh

    1. The Wars of the Gaedhil and Gall have reference, circa 824 or 825, to plunder by the Northmen of Disert Tipraite which is almost certainly the church of Dysert by the Holy Well at Ardmore. The same fleet, on the same expedition, plundered Dunderrow (near Kinsale), Inisshannon (Bandon River), Lismore, and Kilmolash.

      Viking attack on Ardmore in 834/825

    1. f Finn, i.e. " the white," or " beautiful," whereas hitherto he had borne the name of Aedh Dubh, i.e. "Aedh the black." From him the two great families of the O'Reilly's and the O'Rorke's are descended, both of whom continued for centuries to honour St. Moedoc as their Patron.

      Origins of O'Reillys & O'Rorkes - assoc with St Aodh/Mogue

  4. Jun 2016
    1. Along with walls, roofs and people, the water carried away household altars, memorial tablets and family photographs. Cemetery vaults were ripped open and the bones of the dead scattered. Temples were destroyed, along with memorial books listing the names of ancestors over generations.

      what to do when the religious dimension is devastated - how to replace it?

    2. The food, drink, prayers and rituals offered by their descendants gratify the dead, who in turn bestow good fortune on the living

      gratify the dead to bestow good fortune on the living

    3. At the heart of ancestor worship is a contract.

      !!key point

    4. ‘The dead are not as dead there as they are in our own society,’ the religious scholar Herman Ooms writes. ‘It has always made perfect sense in Japan as far back as history goes to treat the dead as more alive than we do … even to the extent that death becomes a variant, not a negation of life.’

      treating the dead as more alive than we do - same as what Michael said in Newmarket

    5. household altars’, or butsudan, which are still seen in most homes and on which the memorial tablets of dead ancestors – the ihai – are displayed. The butsudan are black cabinets of lacquer and gilt, with openwork carvings of lions and birds; the ihai are upright tablets of black polished wood, vertically inscribed in gold.

      family altars for remembrance- even in a country slef declaring as non-religious- these are commonplace- religion is taken for granted.

  5. May 2016
    1. Native Americans are the descendants of those children.

      Native Americans are a cross between 25k yr old euro pop mized with east asian pop.

    1. These describe the process of creating a great opening shot, before grabbing the audience's attention and building up the story in layers, resulting in a summary that rounds off the piece.

      Key point

  6. Apr 2016
    1. In 1918, the breakthrough election for Sinn Fein, with the property restriction lifted for men, and women over 30 allowed to vote, 1,015,515 people casted their ballot

      key point

    1. Because a quarter of our genome comes from each of our grandparents, the researchers were effectively sampling DNA from these ancestors, allowing a snapshot of UK genetics in the late 19th Century before mass migration events caused by the industrial revolution.

      Key point

    1. Fortunately, there is preserved inside Marfield Church one surviving doorway from Inis Lo~~nacht abbey, which according to Tadhg OtKeeffe,8 is of the same basic tradition as the Ardmore doorway mentioned above.

      Visit this

  7. Feb 2016
    1. WHR identify central adipocity, a primary risk factor for disease. To calculate WHR simply divide the waist measurement by the hip measurement (widest point). A WHR of greater than 1.0 for males and 0.8 females indicates an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke

      Key point

    1. The political stance of the remaining Volunteers was not always popular, and a 1,000-strong march led by Pearse through the garrison city of Limerick on Whit Sunday, 1915, was pelted with rubbish by a hostile crowd. Pearse explained the reason for the establishment of the new force when he said in May 1915:

      Trace this march and who attended/marched

  8. www.irlandeses.org www.irlandeses.org
    1. They arrived on 28 March and on 3 August settled as farm labourers in Taperoa, near Valença.

      Trace Irish surnames in this province

  9. Jan 2016
    1. There seems to be little awareness that political, communal and sectional strife were well established in Ireland before 1916 and that violence was part of political life

      !key point

    1. I've collected artefacts from mom--the religious ones that reflect her personality and faith. We have a graveside candle from her funeral, her rosary and a missal she used during the first four years of wedded bliss.

      Modern Artefacts

    1. What made the Republicans into a mass national movement was not so much the Rising but the mass, mostly non-violent, campaign against conscription in the spring of 1918

      !key point conscription as the main driver

    1. “Over fifty percent of the world’s population now lives in cities, and by 2050, the United Nations expects that number to increase to sixty-six percent.

      !key figures for future strategy

    1. “You look at the history of communities becoming cities ... You know, it used to be families depended on community support. If one member of the family was sick, neighbors pitched in. You had so much more infrastructure of relationships that existed compared to what you have today.”

      !key point

    2. The $500 the county pays Miller Funeral Home, Gray Brown-Service Mortuary and K.L. Brown Funeral Home for indigents is $2,200 less than what the three normally charge for cremations.

      !key figures

    3. Brown is finding relatives, and in discussions with them, he is finding himself at the awkward intersection of death and business. How do you negotiate with someone to pay for their family’s funeral? “It seems like the wrong word — negotiate,” Brown said. “But it’s the right word.”

      negotiation for rates

    1. Jill Fearn of Park View Funeral Home in New Plymouth, said the cost of burial plots at a graveyards were rising. "I would say the cost of a plot has risen 75 per cent in the last 5 years, it now costs $3430 for the plot alone and another $1800 for the actual internment," she said.

      NZ burial costs

    2. Human ashes spotted by Ian McAlpine on a lower walkway of Mt Taranaki


    1. In a way, though, the certainty of death was easier than this uncertain life.

      !key point

    1. The earliest grave in the Old ProtestantCemetery is that of the American George Biddle, who died in1811, and whose remains were moved to the cemetery afterit opened

      earliest burial in macao protestant graveyard

    1. China had stopped transplanting organs harvested from executed prisoners on January 1, according to Huang Jiefu, director of the China Organ Donation Committee and former vice minister of health

      !key point write separate article on this

    2. More than 10 million people died in China in 2014, but with China’s population aging rapidly, the number is expected to double between 2025 and 2030.

      This si the follow on from the stat of 10mil die per year in China

    3. Tibet to strengthen protection of sky burials

      !key point do separate article on sky burials

    4. about 1,800 sets of remains are shipped out of China every year.

      use this figure

    5. Wilfried Verbruggen, Director of Roseates, told the China Daily in an interview that the services of the company only amount to about 7,500 yuan (1,100 euro), but total costs of the repatriation can climb to an average of 80,000 yuan (11,900 euro) due to the costs imposed by the local funeral homes.

      repatriation costs from china - from 1k to 9k with highest element from local funeral homes

    6. CICC estimated China's funeral industry last year was worth 71.4 billion yuan (10.6 billion euro)

      !key point

    1. We think there is a good solution right in front of our noses: only usepine coffins. That’s something all manufacturers can do.” 

      solution - use plain pine coffins

    2. The federation tested coffins built of solid wood, coffins buildt from chipboard, and coffins made from chipboard which had been painted and lined with silver foil. 

      3 types of coffins tested in cremator

    1. The final disposition of the remains would typically take place after the service, which might include taking the urn home, burying the urn at a cemetery, placing the urn in a cremation niche or scattering the ashes somewhere meaningful.

      four possible steps after cremation - also possible to combine these 4