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  1. Apr 2017
    1. Instead of seeing this position asexemplifying a movement of anti-politics, I see it as a shift in the way in which politics is articulated. Inhindsight, it is an attempt to break the stranglehold of nation-conscious rap on hip hop expression. Thepolitical language of nation-conscious rap, in its most general sense, was traded in for the grammar of thehood and the particular day-to-day struggles of black people

      Here we see a comparison and a contrast. The author is saying that both styles of rap are giving similar messages especially in politics. The contrast in the way it is said as far as diction and grammar.

    2. The icons of Afrocentricity and Africa itself served as bridges between upward mobility and historicallyblack experiences. The notion that success and academic achievement were necessarily white experienceswas met with a wave of Afrocentricity, where the study and consumption of Afrocentric goods andliterature could justify a class distinction without raising issues of black authenticity. Designer wear andbourgeois habits were legitimized with, respectively, kente cloth and reconstructed Yoruba origin

      Lauryn Hill definitely falls in this category of being an icon of Afrocentricity.

    3. When African-Americans became more upwardly mobile in the 1980's, with (for example) many blackyouths entering the nation's elite universities, anxieties grew within the black middle class over itsrelationship to blackness. Black people's "moving on up" was accompanied by a sense of alienation fromauthentic spaces.

      Leaving the home of hip-hop (inner city, poverty, urban) = less authentic. Elite universities = elite education = less authentic? Does being educated beyond your neighborhood cause you to be less authentically black/hip-hop?

    4. Up until Public Enemy, hip hop's intent was never to shock the worldbut to sell the market on its novelty and profitability" (Tate, 70).

      Shift in the motive of hip-hop.

    5. Discourse on the black family with its female-headed home becomes shorthandto make sense of the supposedly unique violence and sexuality in certain genres of hip hop. The lazyconnections made between mythologies of dysfunctional black families and hip hop ignore theperformative aspects of black popular culture.

      Theory challenged.

    6. Within black communities, this process of black authenticity has historically oscillated between the binariesof excess and austerity.

      In this paragraph we are given the relationship between the "Afrocentric" and "Ghettocentric'. Those who are fans of hip hop's positive message also shame the more explicit aspects of rap which are historically known to influence negativity in many aspects. Either way both sides are arguing on which s more correct or "authentic" when telling the black mans story. This could help to not only categorize the hip-hop artist we are all writing about but also be another source for the argument between conscious and gangster rap.

    7. This new black aesthetic offers a new identity outside the workplace byendorsing the consumption of luxury goods. As a form of "dressing up," it also offers a status forsubordinate groups that blurs distinctions between themselves and their oppressors

      Shift in the culture the "bling bling" (a term made popular by Lil Wayne ) era.

    8. microscope andfound...to be the source of all that is wrong with American society" (Diawara, 2). From the right, hip hop isattacked as a practice that started in urban America but is infecting the morals and family values ofsuburban teens. At the same time, sectors of the left and the black middle-class distance themselves fromhip hop because of its misogyny and homophobia.
    9. why did hip hop become the revolution that failed?

      This question I feel can be taken in many directions if you look at hip-hop in a political and social arena? Where did it take a wrong turn? Although "gangsta rap" is very controversial, the group NWA falls in the "gangsta rap" category and was very political in between all of the lyrics about sex, drugs, and violence.

    1. hey then went on to say “his confounding mix-ture of ladies’ man, thug, revolutionary and poet hasforever altered our perception of what a rapper shouldlook like, sound like and act like

      Tupac was very diverse in his being and depending on the person judging his work they could come up with multiple words to describe his art, life, and character.

    2. On December 24, 2015,Demetrius Shipp, Jr.has beencast to star as Shakur in an upcoming biopic titledAll Eyezon Mewhich started filming in Atlanta, GA. with distri-bution from Morgan Creek Productions the film had beenin development since 2013, with producers Randall Em-mett and George Furla having sued Morgan Creek for $10million in October. Emmett/Furla claimed breach-of-contract after the production company allegedly pickeda lead, set a budget, and production schedule withoutEmmett/Furla’s approval. Morgan Creek also sued AfeniShakur for the music rights for the film. The music videodirector Benny Boom will helm “All Eyez on Me”, whichhad been hamstrung by production problems. Multipledirectors were involved with the film before Mr. Boom,including John Singleton

      If this biopic is ever released I guarantee it will be criticized brutally. The hologram show did not do well and this could had the same effect whereas his legacy is not is not showcased correctly.

  2. Mar 2017
    1. As he turned over the pages his eye fell on the poem about the hand of Lacenaire, the cold yellow hand “du supplice encore mal lavée” with its downy red hairs and its “doigts de faune.”1

      The phrases that Dorian read are from Gautier’s “Study of Hands: Lacenaire" and translate to “barely cleansed of its horrors”. Lacenaire was known as the Poet Assasin, writing poetry by day and monstrous murderer by night. Lacenaire saw his murders as works of art and fuel to his artistic abilities the same way Dorian views his murder of Basil as a way to preserve his youth.

    2. Summer followed summer, and the yellow jonquils bloomed and died many times, and nights of horror repeated the story of their shame, but he was unchanged. No winter marred his face or stained his flower-like

      This book references flowers frequently and in this particular instance comparing Dorian to a flower. Flowers are at their natural beauty when they bloom and eventually true natural flowers fade. Dorian stays as a constant beauty makes him a fabricated flower lacking the true depth or mortality or purpose.He may have beauty on the outside but is there an incompleteness inside?

    3. , was lying a note from Lord Henry, and beside it was a book bound in yellow paper, the cover slightly torn and the edges soiled. A copy of the third edition of the St. James’s Gazette had been placed on the tea-tray.

      The book Lord Henry left for Dorian is described in great detail. Could the condition of the book be a foreshadowing on how the reading of the book can affect him negatively?

    4. Georges Petit is going to collect all my best pictures for a special exhibition in the Rue de Sèze,79

      The Rue de Seze is the location of the Galerie de Petit where works by many rising stars of the impressionist movement were shown.

    5. Then came that dreadful night—was it really only last night?—when she played so badly, and my heart almost broke. She explained it all to me. It was terribly pathetic. But I was not moved a bit. I thought her shallow.

      Dorian seems to treat people as works of art instead of human only judging them on how they live up to a standard he also uses to evaluate art.

    6. He is not like other men. He would never bring misery upon any one. His nature is too fine for that.”

      It's like Basil thinks he's in an epic battle over Dorian's soul but I think Dorian's too far gone to Lord Henry's side to be changed. Lord Henry thinks Dorian does not have to conform to morality because of his beauty. Basil feel because of Dorian's beauty he should be setting an example for others. Morality vs. Aesthetic [(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/aestheticism

    7. He was always late on principle, his principle being that punctuality is the thief of time.

      To be late or lack in principle means to be late or lack punctuality.

    8. Sin is the only color-element left in modern life.”

      Is he saying that the only thing saving us from boredom in life is sin or sinful acts? Another example of Wilde's dark humor?

    9. 15 handsome, with his finely-curved scarlet lips, his frank blue eyes, his crisp gold hair.

      Beautiful description of Dorian starkly contrast the portrait at the end. This can also reflect his innocent soul at this point.

    10. When I like people immensely I never tell their names to any one. It seems like surrendering a part of them. You know how I love secrecy. It is the only thing that can make modern life wonderful or mysterious to us. The commonest thing is delightful if one only hides it.

      Oscar Wilde and his secrecy? Hiding his "alternative lifestyle".

  3. Feb 2017
    1. It is your best work, Basil, the best thing you have ever done,” said Lord Henry

      This piece being one written during what was called his "Mastery Years" and Wilde incorporating this scene between Basil and Lord Henry almost seems like a foreshadowing of his success.

    1. Corin Throsby human terms as a 'companion' who 'converses' with her, and in this way blurs the distinction between author and text:

      I feel that Byron has always struggled with identity so it does not surprise me that Throsby points out the distinction between author and text beginning to blur. Lord Byron has been known to live a "risque"lifestyle so whose to say their is not very much distinction between what Byron writes and what he leaves? This adds to the mystique of who Lord Byron is and add to his appeal to women reading his literature.

    1. Lone,wild,andstrange,hestoodalikeexemptFromallaffectionandfromallcontempt;Hisnamecouldsadden,andhisactssurprize;Buttheythatfearedhimdarednottodespise;

      Byronic Hero adjectives/discription

    1. Though my many faults defaced me,* Could no other arm be foundThan the one which once embraced meTo inflict a cureless wound?

      Class Discussion Prompt 1

    2. Fare thee well! and if for ever – Still for ever, fare thee well!

      Class Discussion Prompt 1

  4. Jan 2017
    1. found Byron grown fat, with hair long and turning gray, looking older than his years, andsunk in sexual promiscuity. But a chance meeting with Countess Teresa Gamba Guiccioli, who was only 19 years old andmarried to a man nearly three times her age, reenergized Byron and changed the course of his life.

      It seems throughout Lord Byron sees sex as being powerful or having power so it makes sense that as he grew older all it took was being with a younger woman to "reenergize" him.