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  1. Apr 2019
    1. this little button ruined the internet.

      The author uses this to show symbolism. The author's symbolism here is the little button as it is the thing that people are trying to get other to hit. The little red button is a symbol for the "heart" or "like" button. The author is also saying how this "like" button ruined the internet as people obsess, worry, and get subconscious about it.

    2. Let the internet feed you faces. You like faces. A face is worth a thousand words.

      The author uses Syntax here as this sentence is structured in a peculiar way. The author introduces that the internet feeds you faces, and then how much a face betters to people nowadays. The way he structured it was also interesting as instead of just saying the internet makes us want people to look at us and provides that for us, he structures it in a way it tells you what the internet does, tells us what we like, and then rationalizes our want for it.