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  1. May 2020
    1. reliability has been tested

      This is a confirmation of the creditability for sources extracted from Wikipedia

    1. Our research shows that scientists are using Wikipedia and it is influencing how they write about the science that they are doing,

      It's true. It is safe to use Wikipedia as a reliable sourch especially for academics since information put on Wikipedia is verified before published.

    1. Information is everywhere on the Internet, existing in large quantities and continuously being created and revised.

      Much as information is commonly based on facts, opinions, stories and interpretations. Verification of reliability and accuracy is very important in learning and conducting researches, and for what they are intended for.

    1. Digital literacy is not about the skills of using technologies, but how we use our judgment to maintain awareness of what we are reading and writing, why we are doing it, and whom we are addressing.
      1. Our learners needs to be taught how to become Digital literate with the emphasis of educational resources (purposed), that is how to discover information, control, manage, store and reflect on it to accomplish learning desires. It is true Digital Literacy is not about the skill of using technology, we see many youth in the world using technology for other features like setting up a Personal Computer to fixing them. Judgement to this conclusion is an attributable factor into digital literacy, questions like "How do we use social media platforms for and what we intend to achieve" should be addressed in the concept of Digital Literacy, that is, to find, evaluate and compose clear information through writing, pruducing images, audios and designs using technologies using both cognitive and technical skills.