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  1. Mar 2018
    1. and an experience from your own life

      This is connected learning

    2. concept toward which they are working, but as the art emerges, they may make countless adjustments and new decisions that result in a product they probably didn’t imagine from the start

      Teachers are very much artists in the sense that the work is infinite and never complete. There is always room to improve.

    3. failing

      The fear of failure can certainly deter some from even trying to wobble.

  2. Feb 2018
    1. Academic and scholastic, instead of being titles of honor, are becoming terms of reproach.

      This still seems to be the case. Why is it that the pursuit of knowledge in itself is no longer valued. In order to find new applications, often times, exploration with no specific purpose is needed. The practical application is often discovered afterwards. How can we know that a new drug on mars will cure cancer unless we go to Mars to explore?

    2. It is an anachronism

      Yes we still see this today. Dewey's ideas are certainly still relevant in the 21st century.

    3. It is through what we do in and with the world that we read its meaning and measure its value.

      The value of the earth certainly seems to be a politicized topic in the 21st century. The earth is invaluable yet some do not see it as having any value.

    4. certain disorder in any busy workshop; there is not silence;

      The word "certain" struck me here. It is not true disorder, rather a type of organized chaos. To the unfamiliar eye though it may appear as disorder. The working classroom can be a great learning environment for students!

    5. A spirit of free communication, of interchange of ideas, suggestions, results, both successes and failures of previous experiences

      We can learn much from our failures, often times more so than success. It is equally important to share failures and examine them carefully so as to improve.

    6. improvement

      "Advance...growth...improvement" These words all show that it is increasing knowledge, as opposed to the amount of knowledge which is important to Dewey. I agree with this sentiment that the goal of teaching is to increase knowledge and understanding. Not all pupils will gain the same amount at the same time, but we should strive for the increase.

    7. the school must now supply that factor of training formerly taken care of in the home

      Many parents rely on schools to be the sole teacher of the pupil. It is important for schools to engage parents to support the pupils learning at home as well. When schools and families can work together to support good learning habits and values, the student is more likely to be successful.